10 Effective Tips To Induce Miscarriage (or) Spontaneous Abortion

10 Best Ways to Have Natural Miscarriage

Sometimes the idea of being a mother and taking care of a child is quite hard to handle, especially if you are a young mother having an unexpected pregnancy. You may have financial difficulties or abortion might be illegal in your country. Your family might not support the practice or maybe you just want to keep the entire procedure private and devoid of controversy. Here is when inducing a miscarriage becomes an option to consider.

There are many ways to induce a miscarriage with safe and natural methods. These methods have been used for generations, from times when medical practices were still underdeveloped. Whatever the case, the decision lies with you and you alone. To give you a little support, we will discuss what the options for a young mother wanting a safe, natural miscarriage are- its advantages and its complications as well.

Let us first learn exactly what the term means.

What is Natural Miscarriage?

When you lose the foetus inside your womb within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion. It is different from an abortion where you undergo medical methods to terminate your pregnancy. 20% of all pregnancies have chances of a miscarriage, and 80% of such miscarriages happen before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

If you have an unexpected pregnancy, you may want to know what the natural miscarriage methods you can employ at home are. Here we will discuss a few natural remedies for you to undergo a miscarriage at home, without the intervention of a doctor or a medical procedure.

10 Natural Ways to Induce Miscarriage

Don’t go by what’s randomly on the internet. Many methods you find there can be wrong or dangerous for you. Here are 10 ways for causing a miscarriage naturally and more importantly, safely –

1. Vitamin C

This is actually one of the most popular ways to induce your period faster than its due date. Vitamin C helps to promote oestrogen levels, a female hormone which is responsible for inducing menstruation. As the level of Vitamin C increases in your body, uterine contractions start and your periods begin, effectively inducing a miscarriage. You should ideally take vitamin C every hour but take care not to consume more than 6000mg per day, as it might cause other negative side effects that can be dangerous to your health! A common side effect of this method is bloating but it isn’t something to be worried about.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has properties which makes it a natural substance that causes a miscarriage and also, is helpful in stopping the pain associated with the act. When taken in the right amounts, it stimulates the uterine wall. However, if you cook it in food and then have it, it loses its properties which help induce the miscarriage. Usually, cinnamon supplements work better than naturally occurring cinnamon in this regard, as they are stronger.

3. Blue and Black Cohosh

These are two herbs that are used commonly in India to induce a miscarriage. They are cheap and grown in poor areas. Their terrible taste usually does the trick. On eating them, they first prepare your cervix to expel whatever is in the uterus. Following that, they help produce increased oxytocin, which speeds up contractions inside your body.

Although these herbs are one of the most effective and safest home remedies for a miscarriage, taking them in high amounts can cause dangerous side effects to your body. So it is best to consult a health expert or a trusted doctor to recommend what is the correct dosage for you in order to undergo a harmless miscarriage.

4. Dong Quai

This herb is often used to reduce menstrual pain or help with reproductive issues. However, it is also a substance which can boost your uterus and increase the strength of contractions, making it an excellent home remedy for a natural miscarriage. You can either take it in tea with boiling water, or use dong quai supplements, or even take it in combination with other herbs like blue or black cohosh.


But, as mentioned earlier, although such herbs are safe when taken in regulated amounts, remember never to overdo it with the dosage as it may cause medical complications. Always consult a doctor or physician before making use of it!

5. Parsley

This is also a good ingredient if you want a natural and harmless method to induce a miscarriage, as it has a high content of vitamin C. All you have to do is steep a small bunch of parsley in a cup of boiling water and drink the parsley tea 2-3 times on a daily basis. You can also prepare a bunch of sprigs and put it directly into your vaginal cavity.

6. Sepia and Sabina

Sabina and sepia are both homoeopathic herbal remedies that can induce a harmless natural miscarriage by helping in removing the tissues left behind during an incomplete miscarriage. However, a word of caution is that although these herbs are very effective, they do cause a fair amount of pain, so make sure you are not doing any kind of activity while taking them. It is a good idea to consult a herbalist or doctor prior to taking them too.

7. Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit has seeds which contain a high amount of uterine contraction stimulating substances. Taking it during the early period of pregnancy will increase your chances of having a naturally induced miscarriage.

8. Green Papaya

Green papaya contains enzymes and pus which can cause contractions and miscarriages. Drinking green papaya juice can thus naturally induce a miscarriage and is one of the more common methods to do so.

9. Cheese

Eating cheese is another method to induce a natural miscarriage at home, as they have compounds which contain miscarriage-causing bacteria. You can choose from a wide variety of cheeses like camembert cheese, feta cheese, and other Mexican cheeses.

10. Intense Exercise

Usually, during pregnancy, the body is in a fragile state and your uterus is just getting used to keeping the foetus is a healthy state. In such a time, putting your body through excess strain is not recommended by doctors as it will cause one to miscarry.

Intense exercise, rigorous workouts and heavy lifting are therefore natural ways to induce a miscarriage. However, it is better to do it according to a proper workout regime as improper exercise can lead to harming your own body.

There are other ways to induce a natural miscarriage without any invasive procedures as well, such as yoga, acupuncture, caffeine, cupping,  and so on but the ten ways above are the most commonly used remedies.

Complications Associated with Abortion and Miscarriage

Natural miscarriages are, as you can see, quite straightforward and simple. They can be induced by a variety of home remedies which are safe and easily procurable. The downside is that sometimes there is pain involved which you will have to bear.

Now that you know the pros of natural miscarriages, it is always best to know the cons as well. We will see below what complications can arise (and in many cases, do arise) during a natural miscarriage or abortion:

1. Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you already have a medical condition at the time of your miscarriage, like diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure or complications affecting vital organs like your heart, kidneys and lungs, then you may end up suffering from serious side effects. It is very important to consult a doctor if you have a medical condition, before trying to self-induce a miscarriage.

2. Medication

Likewise, if you are choosing to take herbs to induce a miscarriage and are also taking medication for some pre-existing medical condition, make sure to check whether the herbs can counteract with the medication. If so, then it is better to abstain from that method.

3. Herbs and Supplements

High amounts or dosage of any herb can be fatal to your body as toxicity levels can rise extremely high. Always consult your doctor regarding the dosage of herb to take before using it to induce a natural miscarriage.

4. Foetal Tissue

Sometimes, some tissue can still remain in the uterus following a miscarriage. If it comes out naturally, there is nothing to be worried about. If it remains in the body, however, then it may pose a serious health risk and therefore, has to be removed by a medical professional.

5. Late-stage Miscarriage

A miscarriage gets riskier and riskier as the pregnancy continues into a later stage. If you are past your first trimester, it is best to consult with a doctor as proceeding to do a miscarriage by yourself will put your safety at risk.

After a natural miscarriage at home, there are certain precautions you have to take and certain warnings to watch out for:

  • Go to a doctor to be a hundred percent sure you’ve had a complete miscarriage and the entire foetal tissue has been expelled out of your body.
  • Heavy bleeding is not a good sign. If after your miscarriage, you experience heavy bleeding accompanied by fever, aches, pain or a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, visit the emergency room.
  • Avoid activities like swimming and intercourse for a few weeks after a successful natural miscarriage. You can start once after the bleeding has completely stopped.

worried woman at doctor

It is always important to involve a doctor if you are trying to induce a miscarriage as this is the only way you will know you are using the safest and most reliable method. A medical abortion is for all practical purposes the best choice, but many women everywhere induce natural miscarriages for their own reasons and privacy. If you are deciding to take this step, then hopefully this article can give you all the information for a safe and healthy natural miscarriage.

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