Dad Shares Absolutely Brilliant Idea To Put His Baby Girl To Sleep

Dad Shares Absolutely BRILLIANT Idea To Put His Baby Girl To Sleep – Works Like Magic!

As mothers, we have tried all the tricks there are to help babies sleep peacefully. Sometimes, a massage helps soothe them to sleep; at other times, a bath before bed-time does the trick. And yet, every now and then, there are days when absolutely NOTHING seems to calm the baby down. He just refuses to stop crying and go off to sleep. If you too have faced this situation with your little darling, you simply must check out this mind-blowing trick by a Daddy from San Diego in the United States. He used something that is very core to our traditional Indian roots and it calmed his baby girl to sleep in a matter of seconds!

This amazing trick that helps babies go off to sleep was recently shared by Daniel Eisenman, daddy to a little girl. Ever since he posted his video online, it has collected over 34 million views and scores of parents have attested to how it really works beautifully!

The One Baby Sleep Trick You Must Try

When your baby is crying non-stop, seems irritable, and is not inclined to fall asleep, just do this:

  1. Stop talking, noise and other neighbouring sounds
  2. Now, look at your baby and start chanting the ancient mantra from Hinduism – OM
  3. Focus on the vibrations in the mantra
  4. Chant the mantra repeatedly – and calmly – for a few seconds till your baby feels soothed and falls asleep

Sounds simple, right? It is also very powerful! In the video clip, Daniel is talking into the camera when his daughter Divina starts crying. He stops talking, but she keeps crying without stopping, like little ones often do. He then looks at his daughter for a few seconds and starts chanting ‘Om’. Almost immediately, the baby calms down. In a few seconds, she falls asleep! The calm and relaxation is clearly visible on the baby girl’s face!

Why the OM Chant Works So Well with Babies?

The OM chant, whose origins can be traced back to Hinduism and Buddhism, is considered to be one of the most important and oldest sounds in the universe. It is a sound that produces a vibration that is felt through the vocal cords and sinuses. These vibrations can open up the sinuses to clear the airways. When you chant this sound to your baby, it replicates the sound and ambient environment inside a mother’s womb. This is what puts your baby in a state of deep relaxation and induces slumber.

Many mothers have since come forth to share their experiences with this sleep trick. Most of them have found it very successful, even after repeated usage! “We used to do this with our son on those nights when it seemed like nothing else was working. It came very intuitively, for whatever reason, and typically calmed him within a couple of minutes.”

Another mother used to try this trick with her grandson, and it worked even when he grew older. “I use to hum in my grandson’s ear and it worked wonders. Then as he got older it was funny because if he was stirring in his sleep he would hum himself back to sleep. It works!”

In fact, the power of OM has also been experienced by adults – pregnant women, in particular. One Facebook user commented on the video and shared her experience of how chanting OM helped ease her labour pain.

“I had a home birth. I did notice that when I chanted OM I didn’t FEEL the pain of the contractions or the labour but as soon as I got out of the chant and started breathing ‘normal’ the pain was excruciating! We also had a meditation track with the OM chant playing in the back ground…”

Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep using Chants & Relaxing Melodies

All ready to test this trick on your baby? Do remember these tips when you do so, to maximize your chances of success!

  • Make sure you minimize ambient noise before chanting; surrounding noises can interfere with the clarity and power of the vibrations. Also switch off the lighting or use soft bed-lights with dimmers only
  • You can also take help from Audio CD’s with relaxing lullabies and instrumental tracks designed for babies. These have a calming and repetitive rhythm that helps babies relax
  • Use a slow, soft and gentle voice while singing or chanting. Also check these effective tips to make your lullabies more powerful
  • Consider using bhajans or light, calming songs (even with vocals) to help your babies calm down. Some moms have seen their babies adore bhajans and calm down instantly! Child development experts think it is probably the lilting tunes and calming music that helps them relax.
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