Haircut during Pregnancy: Is It Safe or Unsafe?

Getting a Haircut During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

Are you flaunting your pregnancy glow and shiny tresses or are you experiencing skin and hair problems in pregnancy? If you are experiencing hair loss and other issues during pregnancy, no doubt you will want to get your hair chopped. You may even want to accentuate your looks to enhance that pregnancy glow. Whatever your reason be if you have decided to get a haircut during pregnancy, first find out if it safe to cut hair during pregnancy. Every decision that you make impacts your baby, so make wise decisions. Here are some myths and facts related to getting a haircut during pregnancy and the various safety measures that you can take.

What is the Myth About Getting a Haircut in Pregnancy?

There are many dogmatic beliefs related to getting haircuts in our culture. Your grandmother, mother, and other elders in the family may have advised you against getting a haircut, especially during pregnancy.


In many traditions and cultures, it is believed that human hair is sacred and also channelises life force and energy. Chopping off your tresses may result in loss of that life force and it may even reduce a person’s lifespan. It is believed that cutting hair may attract evil forces or disease, too. People have also designated a few days of the week for getting a haircut or washing the hair. Cutting of hair may be considered forbidden because some cultures believe that cutting hair during pregnancy may bring bad luck. Some of our ancestors also believed that cutting hair may cause miscarriage, pregnancy complications, stillbirths, or may lead to health complications after birth.


None of the above myths has been proved right and thus, they all stand invalid. This clearly means that you can safely cut your hair during pregnancy. The changing pregnancy hormones may sometimes make your hair dull, lifeless, and brittle. And thus, cutting it off may make your hair look better. Also, cutting hair is not an invasive procedure that may have any kind of impact on you or your baby’s health. However, the use of various chemical-based styling products should be restrained and used only after consulting your doctor.

Can a Pregnant Woman Get a Haircut?

Getting a haircut during pregnancy or not should be the personal choice of a woman because it is her hair and she should decide what she wants to do with it. If you want to keep it long or short, it is for you to decide. Note that there is no hassle or problem associated with the cutting of hair during pregnancy. If you want a short bob or you want to get yourself some fringes, go ahead and indulge because it is not going to affect your pregnancy or your baby in any way.

Safety Measures to Take for Getting a Haircut During Pregnancy

Although there is no harm in getting a haircut during pregnancy, it is better that you may keep in mind some safety measures when you are pregnant:

1. Do Not Go to a Crowded Salon or Parlour

To get a haircut during pregnancy, go to a parlour or salon that is less crowded. It may even get a bit tedious for you to be in a crowded place with your baby belly. Also, it will be a good idea that you book an appointment beforehand so that you do not have to sit and wait for long hours.

2. Do Not Use Any Chemical Products

If you are thinking of giving yourself a new look by perming, straightening, colouring or any such other treatment in pregnancy, then we suggest that you wait a little longer. It may not be a good idea to get your hair permed or coloured during pregnancy as such treatments involve the use of harsh chemical products, which may cause health complications in you or your baby. Make sure you postpone any chemical-based treatments until your delivery.

As long as you do not use chemical-based products on your hair during pregnancy, you are good to go. You can get any haircut you want. Keep safety tips in mind to avoid any kind of health problems and look fabulous.

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