Funny and Weird Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Crazy Things Mommies-to-be Hear Every Day!

Pregnancy seems to bring out the sometimes rude, crazy side. Not in you but in those around you! Look through some of the funny things people say when you’re pregnant and allow yourself a good laugh. Do any of them ring true for you?

The world is full of people eager to give you advice, sometimes unwanted advice. However, there seems to be something about a pregnant woman that makes people speak before they think! If you’re expecting, you probably hear a lot of funny stuff.

Weird Things People Say to Pregnant Women

1. You’ve put on weight

Talk about stating the obvious! It’s amazing how people tend to forget that there’s a reason why you’ve put on weight. You’re carrying a baby inside you! In fact, it would be downright worrying if you didn’t put on weight when you’re pregnant.

2. Was it planned?

This question is a strict no-no! Why would you want to share such details with any random person? Even if your baby is an unplanned surprise, it’s hardly something you want to declare to the whole world. A simple ‘congratulations’ would suffice!

3. DON’T eat this, drink that!

One of the funny things people say when you’re pregnant is “Don’t!” This is usually followed by some well-meaning but totally unnecessary advice. At the end of the day, as long as your doctor tells you it’s okay, you can have that cup of coffee, and ignore others’ horrified looks.

4. You look exhausted

Well, duh! If they were staying up nights throwing up everything they eat and using every bit of energy to just get out of bed each morning, they’d look exhausted too! Creating a baby is tiring work, and it would help if this wasn’t pointed out to you all the time.

Weird Things People Say to Pregnant Women

5. You look ready to burst!

This is basically a not-so-polite way of saying you look huge. Whether you’re at 28 weeks or at the end of your pregnancy, it’s something you’ll get to hear from the moment your baby bump becomes visible. This remark probably wins hands down as one of the most insensitive things people could tell a mom-to-be.

6. Enjoy your life while you can!

Sure, having a baby is going to change your life. But do you need to hear that life as you know it will never be the same again? NO! You’re going to be assailed with doubts and fears from time to time, and the last thing you need is someone telling you your life is over! There will be plenty of enjoyment once the baby comes, albeit of a different kind.

7. Don’t have a natural birth/C-section

It’s amazing how people love to relate horror stories (either their own or of people they know) about childbirth. As if hearing about someone else’s horrible time during labour will make you feel any better about your own impending one! Tune out the person or politely tell them you’d rather not hear such stories.

Pregnancy causes some of the strangest reactions from people around you. Ranging from insensitive to downright rude, the only way to handle such comments is to laugh them off. The next time someone says something crazy, just smile and ignore their words!

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