The First Few Days After Giving Birth to My Baby Via C-section

The First Few Days After Giving Birth to My Baby Via C-section

In this blog, I am sharing my breastfeeding experience with all of you. I will begin with my pregnancy journey. It was a bright day in July and after having breakfast I was getting ready to visit my gynaecologist for my ultrasound. I was at home, in my parents’ home, so naturally, I was very relaxed. We went to the clinic and everything was fine up until my doctor told me that my baby was in a breech position.

She told me that I should get admitted to the hospital as soon as possible. After listening to her, I panicked and started crying. I spoke to my husband and informed him what the doctor had told. As my husband was in his place, it took him three hours to reach my parents’ house. By that time, I was admitted. I was very tensed and was praying and crying. My mother was preparing me mentally and trying to distract me. But nothing worked at that time. I was taken for a C-section and after the operation, everyone was happy, as the baby was healthy (though his weight was only 2.7 kilogram) and everything was good.

After two days, I was discharged from the hospital, and when we reached home, I couldn’t even walk properly because of the stitches. But somehow I managed and reached my room which was on the third floor. I was taking rest but I had to feed my baby. When I tried to feed my baby, there was no breast milk and I burst into tears. Everyone said that the mother’s first yellow milk should be given to the baby as it’s very important for his health, but there was no milk.

And then began the painful process of pressing my breasts hard and harder until the milk released from my breasts, It used to take me almost one hour to press my breasts with hand and only 5-10 drops of milk came out. I was tired and my breasts had blue bruises on them and they hurt. This continued for the three next days. My baby was underweight and refused to latch. Breastfeeding became a complete challenge for me. It took me one week to breastfeed my baby. I know every new mother goes through this phase, but that pain and those sleepless nights pay off when the baby is healthy. Kudos to all moms out there!

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