The Art of Motherhood is a Legacy

The Art of Motherhood is a Legacy

One fine afternoon, when I was feeding my newborn, I realised that the art of motherhood is a legacy. To the best of my memory, the answer is “yes, it’s a legacy,” one that I have inherited from my mom and grandma unknowingly.

Day after day, I have been replicating the daily activities for my own baby without realising that It was a recall from the book of my old memories of how my mom and grandma used to do these things for my younger brother when I was eight years old.

During my childhood, I used to help my mom in the day-to-day activities of taking care of my brother. These activities included:

  • Feeding, cleaning, bathing, and massaging him.
  • Reciting nursery rhymes while feeding him.
  • Forcing him to say his first words “mumma” or “papa” even when he was too small for that.
  • The art of learning his needs from the way he cried.
  • Waiting every moment for his new activities and moves and telling everyone about it.
  • Dreaming of a future with this child.
  • Crying with the baby on his vaccination day.
  • The constant worry to feed him before he cries.
  • A sweet fear that your little one would wake up even with the slightest noise or the footsteps of any member of the family.
  • Your extra care and vigilance towards what products and medicines you use for your little one.
  • A sweet tradition at my home of always meeting the newborn whenever you leave or enter the house.
  • As an extra gesture of love, continuously checking a newborn baby’s room for the smallest cry, smile, laugh at any moment of the day, especially night.
  • Remembering all your dadimaa’s nuskas to cure a cold, stomach ache, and soothe him from every possible worry.
  • Recalling all the recipes from your own childhood and feeding your little one the same food.

A newborn in a family is like a season of the year that changes and is something one should cherish each day. So, keep remembering your nani’s and dadi’s nuskas and celebrate each moment with your young buddy.

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