I Have Been in Lockdown Since the Day I Got Married!

I Have Been in a Lockdown Since the Day I Got Married!

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Yes, you read that right! I had never anticipated that to be the case, not even in my wildest of dreams. A fairy tale that most girls believe in or are made to believe in by the society and people around them is that there will be a prince charming, who will marry his princess and they will live happily ever after the wedding. But the happily ever after scenario in a marriage is actually the end of a girl’s
ambitions and freedom. It’s not a happily ever after!

My story starts from the very next day of the big fat Indian wedding I had. I was in shock of leaving my comfortable space, my parents and friends. And all of a sudden, I was expected to be in charge in a completely new set up. But I had a boss who wanted things done in her way. I was supposed to cook for the whole family, clean the dishes, clean the house, wash the clothes and you know the list. And all of this with a smile on my face as this was what newlywed girls do or so I was told. This was the ultimate goal. The happily ever after saga goes on like this. And all of this started the next day of my wedding. There was no house help, not even when there were so many guests in the house. Phew! And that’s how my ordeal began. I was never allowed to keep any maids though we could easily afford one.
The new bahu is expected to do all these chores for free irrespective of the fact that she has a job or she is a homemaker. And mind you the boss never gets satisfied even after doing everything assigned forget any appreciation. Why? Because she wants everything to be done in her style not any other way is acceptable.
That’s how my lockdown started 4 years ago. The day I got married.
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