From Being Momma’s Little Girl to Womanhood: A Complete Circle!

Womanhood, I guess, rings a bell to every single woman out there! It’s not the first time you started with your periods; no, that’s not womanhood; it’s biology! But in fact, it is when you saw the power you have in you as a woman, to be yourself, independent, free, and to lift other women with you to their best potential.

The moment when you know that you no longer want to be the traditional woman who is a good homemaker, who cooks, bears kids, etc. These don’t define you!
It is your choice whether or not you wish to bear a child, be a housewife, a professional, or be all. You, my dear, are always complete.
Womanhood is something passed from generations to generations, from mothers, sisters, best friends, aunties, and daughters to each other. They contain the lessons to grow, nurture, empower, help, care, respect, and love yourself and other women around you!
I had read somewhere that a great woman is someone who fixes other woman’s crown while handling her own, and I guess that is what we all should do. Celebrate the true essence of being a woman; celebrate life and celebrate the little happiness we get by being a part of each other’s life.
As we grow, we realise how our mothers have always been right about so many things, little or big!
After entering this new phase of motherhood, I now realise why our mothers care so much, why it is always them who are worried. From listening to my child’s first heartbeat during the ultrasound to hearing her roar when she was born, I knew life is going to be different.
At that moment, I realised why it is important to appreciate other females because no one goes through any of it easily! I am a doctor by profession, and I’ve seen so many women from all backgrounds. They have different economic backgrounds and different age groups. Some are happy, while some are not. Some married; some unmarried. Some with special kids; some without kids. Some troubled with their lives, families, and some unhappy with themselves, but above all, when it comes to standing up for each other, they are always there to help; even those whom they don’t know.
The random grandma who gives you a smile while you are on a bus or the college-going girl who gives a pregnant woman a seat on the local train, the co-worker who takes you for coffee to calm your nerves after your boss scolded you; they are everywhere! And I guess it doesn’t harm to be nice to each other as that is the least any woman can do for other women.
On any given day, I’d love to teach my daughter simple lessons, just as my mother taught me that no matter what, you are always loved. Show kindness, be compassionate and do not worry about fitting into glass slippers. Rather, learn to shatter glass ceilings!
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