Long-distance Parenting: Tips on How to Connect With Your Child

Long-distance Parenting: Tips on How to Connect With Your Child

Long-distance relationship between wife and husband itself is quite challenging, and putting a child into the equation makes it outright difficult. Children can often become a topic of discussion or an argument. Communication between parents is of utmost importance to cherish a healthy long-distance family.

  1. Progress Report: Parents should always make it a point to share all of the child’s progress/achievements with each other. We make it a point to tell each other almost everything related to our daughter (Right from potty training progress to fussy eating habits). Try taking photos or videos of your child to share with your spouse.
  2. Communication with your child: Encourage your child to talk with your spouse when they are away. Try to teach them to express their emotions by asking them questions or just having a friendly talk. Always remember- you as parents need to nudge your child into talking. Start with some easy topics (like a favourite cartoon, books, or even their meals). Share a few of your daily routine stories too. Engaging your child in a conversation needs a lot of hard work and imagination. Think of it as if you are telling them a story (it really helps). Always remember the more you share about yourself, the more they will reciprocate.
  3. Communication between parents: This is the most important of it all, and this has nothing to do with your child. Always remember that parents sometimes need to vent out their frustration about the kids, family members or even about the workplace. A calm and relaxed parent is the best parent. Help your spouse in relaxing, listen to their problems and most importantly don’t judge. You cannot imagine their situation to the fullest, and the best thing to do is to be supportive. Talk about things other than household. Talk about movies, books or just talk to each other as if you are on a leisure (kids-free) date. This gives you the “Me” time you need and helps you relax.
  4. Tips for “staying-away” parents: Always support your spouse, they may sometimes seem excited about even the smallest achievement, upset if things don’t go as per plan or plain and simple tired. Remember they are trying to fill in your shoes as well. Thank them from time to time and appreciate their efforts as it’s not easy to manage a long-distance family, and you yourself know that pretty well.
  5. Tips for ” staying at home” parents: Try to keep in mind that your spouse is missing out on a lot of precious moments with your child. They may feel left out sometimes or even ignored. Try to involve them in all your decisions and activities; this will help to increase the bond between your family.

Last but not least, try to sort out your problems or disagreements there and then. Don’t let them pile on. After all, you both are a team, and sometimes you need to show that to your child. Always be on the same page when it concerns your child. Be honest with each other and try building a healthy and friendly environment for your child.

Happy parents = Happy children.

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