Learning Styles of My Children

Learning Styles of My Children

A few days ago, my husband and I attended the orientation programme at my daughter’s school. There we met a person who was promoting his company. From his presentation, we came to know that he can help parents identify the abilities of their children through their fingerprints. 

He gave a presentation on the same for about 1.5 hours to all the parents. My husband and I were in a dilemma – should we go for this test or not? The person said one line which had an impact on our minds. He said, “Generally whenever we go to some mall, we spend a lot of money on our kids, then why don’t you think of spending it for their better future.” He was somehow right and it connected all the dots very well.

After that, my husband and I agreed to go for this assessment. We gave them the fingerprints of both our kids. After 1 week, we got a call from that person and he requested us to give our two and a half hours to him so that he can discuss all the things with us. We decided to meet in a cafe to discuss. He gave a detailed description of our kids. The two points (solutions) which interested me a lot were about the ways to increase my children’s vocabulary and making them learn new things. Here is what he suggested:

  1. To increase the vocabulary of my younger child: He suggested that we should make a list of common words like table, table tennis, table mat and help her to learn them. It will help increase her vocabulary.
  1. To make kids learn new things: He said that usually, kids memorise the things quickly either by listening to audio or by watching videos or by both. Similarly, there are few kids who memorise words quickly if they are written in bold with black ink and there are some who can memorise words written in different colours.

My children have a different learning pattern. So it is challenging for me to make them read or learn in different styles, but I am happy that I am at least aware of their learning pattern.

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