Kangatraining - A Postnatal Workout With My Baby

Kangatraining – A Postnatal Workout With My Baby

When my twins were born, I had no idea about babywearing though I wanted those armour kind of pouches to put my babies in. For the first two months, I hardly had a chance to step out, except for the doctor visits. And I remember how difficult those were, my hubby and I carrying one child each in our arms. I finally started babywearing and then there was no looking back. There was only looking forward and to what? To an amazing form of postnatal workout and dance – Kangatraining.
Yes,  I was lucky that Kangatraining came to India the same year when I needed it. I was never a gym person, but to shed off my post-pregnancy weight, I was ready to even go there. But I had not seen any nearby gyms, aerobics or dance classes having specific postnatal trainers. The only options we have in India are postnatal yoga and more recently, Kangatraining. Kanga classes were a win-win for me because it allowed me to take my baby to the class. Yes, Kangatraining is a workout with your baby.
In my first Kanga class, I learnt a lot about my post-pregnancy body, which no regular trainer was ever going to tell me.
Kangatrainers draw specific attention to core strengthening exercises and rebuilding your abdominal muscles. There are variations in exercises for moms with various postpartum symptoms such as knee pain, back pain, engorged breasts and diastasis. They perform all exercises and forms keeping in mind the weak pelvic floor muscles post delivery.  And the babywearing dances are the best and the most enjoyable not just for the mommy but also for the baby.
My boys have really enjoyed dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs ever since they were 6 months, that is from our first Kangaclass. Now at 13 months, they enjoy listening to not just rhymes but also to  Bollymusic that gives me a break and lets me dance and enjoy. I have been regularly kanga-ing and it has really helped me go back to my pre-pregnancy body. I can’t be more thankful.

Kangatraining has been a very important part of my post-pregnancy life and motherhood. It has given me my space and my ‘me-time’ but without ignoring my children. It has helped me regain my confidence by letting me come back to shape and meeting new moms and not just sitting at home has saved me from succumbing to post-pregnancy depression.  It is something I would definitely want all my friends and followers to try.

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