How to Stay Positive Through Your Pandemic Pregnancy!

They say pregnancy is not easy. It’s a long, draining cyclone of emotions. But, what if we have to experience this journey amidst a pandemic? Like a lot of moms, I too was gripped in anxiety, nervousness, and a zillion other emotions. And to top it all off, I am a medico. Not easy, right? But then, again, like they say, women are warriors, and God always shines His extra blessing on them, especially when she becomes a bearer of life.
There have always been these little miracles which has helped me through tough times. Who would have dared to take a 24-hour road trip from Delhi to Pune amidst the lockdown, at 32 weeks of pregnancy, with no place to pit stop or eat? But I managed to reach my mother’s place, fit and fine, with an actively kicking baby.
There will be days when things look gloomy, or when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. In that case, just hang in there, because we are in it together. There is always going to be this door that can get you through it.
Positivity, prayers, and precautions are the key to get us all through this time.
Things that I do to stay positive:
  1. Pray and connect to God.
  2. Watch animated movies or cartoons.
  3. Limit social media and updates regarding rising cases or the current scenario. It’s essential to take a break.
  4. Connect with old friends with whom I had almost lost touch.
  5. Spend at least 30 minutes in some form of workout at home.
  6. Talk! Mental health is really important. If you are having any anxiety, feel depressed, or excessively worried, don’t build it up inside. Talk to your partner, best friend, mom, or even consider talking to a therapist.
  7. Most importantly, eat well. Maybe indulge in a little dark chocolate pastry as well, from your favourite baker!
So, enjoy this phase while you’re still in it, because, pandemic or no pandemic, these little experiences won’t come back. The small wiggles and the massive karate kicks in the diaphragm are all little things that you are going to cherish all life long. Also enjoy the last few days where you can sleep and give time to yourself before the arrival of the tiny tot who is going to upturn your world!

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