Try These 5 Simple TRICKS to Get Your Fussy Toddler to Eat Healthy Food

How to Make Your Fussy Toddler Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food

If you are the mother of a fussy baby or simply want to introduce healthy and nutritious food into the diet of your little one, you should definitely follow a few tricks to let your kid having healthy food in a better way and thereby, make the feeding time an exciting one, instead of a tiring process.

Trick 1 -Dedicate Some Time

As a mom, you should essentially remember that your junior needs some time to warm up with new flavors and new tastes. Even in some cases, your child may refuse the new food item immediately, but it never implies that the mother should give up.
Instead, you should think about interesting ways to introduce the same food every day at least for a week. All you need is your time and your tactics to motivate your little one to have the newly introduced tasty and healthy food.

Trick 2 -Pack the Food as Special Gifts 

Every one of us attracts easily to a beautifully packed present or a special gift and there is no exception for your small baby in this case. Hence, in order to give nutritious rich food to your loving one, you may present it in specially designed baby food bags or any other effective way to make it highly impressive as similar to any other special gift. This lets your little one unwrap the food with a huge excitement and maybe he/she eats it in the less possible span of time and without any hassle.

Trick 3 -Use a Special Meal Set 

In most of the cases, babies distract by seeing new cups, plates and cutleries easily during feeding time. Thus, similar to the trick of using special food bags or special gifts, you may even use the trick of making nutritious food items special by using a special meal set. However, you have to make sure using a new meal set only while introducing any new type of meal to your kid.

Trick 4-Make Sure Your Baby Focuses on Food Set/Feeding

Nannies and mothers should essentially keep in mind that their aforementioned efforts to introduce special food bags or meal sets would go into vain if the baby does not focus on the food set or feeding process. Hence, before you go to feed your little one, you should make sure clear every possible distraction from the room.
These include turning off the TV set, packing all of the toys, moving the pets to other room and dealing with almost everything intend to catch the attention of your child other than the food. If your baby focuses on the food/meal set solely, you will have a relatively higher change of your success during the feeding process.

Trick 5-Identify the Baby’s Comfortable Feeding Rhythm 

We know that the time taken by a kid to swallow a small bite of food varies among babies. For instance, a few of them opt to wait for at least one minute between spoonfuls, while others do not do so. The key here is to identify your junior’s comfortable feeding rhythm, so that you may easily introduce any new food, especially healthy food items in front of your babies.


To conclude we should say that feeding a fussy baby is not a task. Rather, you require some patience and apply important tactics to inspire your little ones to have healthy foods from the early stages of their lives to stay healthy and happy forever. 
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