Flying with Your Little One - What to Do and Remember

Flying with Your Little One – What to Do and Remember

As mothers, we want the best for our babies. And if you’re a first-time mother like me, everything should be just ‘perfect’! This was the case when I had to fly with my two-month-old for the first time. To overcome my apprehensions and fears, I started reading related articles, talked to friends, and consulted the paediatrician to prepare well for the three-hour-long flight. I ensured that I had everything in place. But what I was not prepared for was a five-hour delay wherein the passengers were stuck not at the airport lobby but inside the flight! Yes, the boarding was completed on time but the flight was stuck on the runway for five hours!
So here is my checklist that comes from this experience.
  • Always pre-book your seat preferably on the window or aisle side with leg space. This is important because when the baby gets hungry or cranky in the congested and closed environment, you can easily feed or console him.
  • Be ready with 8-10 diapers, wipes, diaper changing sheet, a drop bag to dispose of the soiled diapers, and one or more extra set of clothes because you never know how many times the baby will pee or poop.
  • Take the baby for a stroll if he gets cranky which mine did. Though there isn’t much space but will soothe the baby for sometime.
  • Carry a rattle or whichever toy soothes him.
  • Try to breastfeed the baby while take off and landing so that he doesn’t feel the pressure. You can use a pacifier or bottle whatever works for your baby. The baby only needs something to suckle on.
  • Put cotton balls in his ears to avoid high altitude pressure.
Hope this helps and will saves you from a situation I landed in.
Safe travels!
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