7 Best Cat Breeds in India

Beautiful Cat Breeds in India That You Will Love to Have As Pets

People say it is not possible to “own a cat” and it is not completely wrong. Cats are territorial – they attach themselves more to territory than to humans. Thus, cats are fundamentally different from dogs. But they make wonderful companions as they are intelligent, affectionate, and self-sufficient. They are low- maintenance, mostly keep to themselves, don’t stink, and are quieter creatures when compared to dogs. As with any other pet, they become family members. Every time a cat meows and rubs itself against your leg, looking with those soulful eyes, it is bound to warm your heart away.

7 Best Cat Breeds in India

Cats are capable of living up to 20 years, depending on the breed. Below is a list of some of the best cat species in India:

1. Bombay Cat

These unique cats can make for an ideal pet.

Mumbai cat


They look quite similar to a miniature form of a black panther. They have captivating, striking golden eyes and short and shiny black hair. They have a muscular build with a round head which is slender on the sides.


They are of Asian breed. Their ancestry can be allied to the black cats. They are of two kinds – the American and the British Bombay.


Mumbai cats are friendly in nature. They are eager to play and learn new tricks. They can easily adapt to varying lifestyles and environments. They have a calm demeanour and can also be trained to walk on a leash.

2. Himalayan Cat

They are one of the most common cat breeds. They are popular by names like Colourpoint Persian and Himmie.

The Himalayan cat


Himalayan cats are usually white in colour and have a long fluffy coat. They are also available in other colours like brown, red, cream with colour points scattered on the face, legs, ears, tail. They have beautiful blue eyes and are medium to hefty in size.


This breed came into existence after crossing Siamese and Persian breeds to get the blue eyes and the different colour points.


Himalayan cats are very loyal and loving. They crave for human companionship. They prefer to rest in their owner’s lap rather than playing around. Himalayan cats are not very athletic.

3. Siamese Cat

If you wish for an all-day companion, a Siamese cat can be perfect for you. This breed is also the cheapest.

Siamese cat


They have a medium built, long slender legs, wedge-shaped head with triangular ears, bright blue eyes, oval paws, and a long tail. They have an athletic body. Siamese cats are light-coloured and have outstanding colour points in lilac, seal, blue, chocolate.


It is one of the common Asian breeds and is derived from cat varieties that are native to Thailand.


Siamese can be extremely curious, smart, and demanding. They desire a great deal of attention. They can “talk” for hours, expressing an opinion on everything possible.

4. Persian Cats

This glamorous breed of cats is also called Persian Longhair and Iranian.

Persian cats


They are typically characterised by a round face with large twinkling eyes, short muzzle, and long white hair. They need regular grooming.


This breed originated from Iran.


These cats are laid back and lazy. They are most happy relaxing. However, they are prone to biting which they consider as play. They long for attention and can act a little fussy.

5. Maine Coon

It is one of the oldest breeds of cats on earth. Also, they are thought to be one of the cutest cat breeds.

Maine Coon Cats


Their distinctive physical traits include a large body with a thick, shaggy coat, medium-length legs, round eyes and big paws.


The Maine Coon is a natural breed hailing from Maine, New Englander.


They are good-natured, adaptable, and affable. They are friendly, outgoing and well-behaved. Maine coon cats are fond of human company and like following them around. They are lap cats and have good hunting skills.

6. The American Bobtail

This uncommon domestic cat is most famous for its bobbed tail.

The American Bobtail


They have medium to large body build which is substantially rectangular and full. These cats have an athletic and muscular appearance. They are deceptively heavy. They come in various colours and patterns. Their noteworthy trait is their tail, which is flexible and usually one-third of the entire body length.


This breed originated in America.


American Bobtails are intelligent and loving cats. They are interactive and bond easily with great devotion. They are fond of playing games and can indulge in games like hide and seek or playing fetch. The American Bobtail breed is a happy-go-lucky breed, and can easily be leash trained.

7. Spotted Cat

Most people seek these cats for their unusual beauty. Also, they can adapt well to Indian weather conditions.

Spotted cat


They have grey spots all over their body and their tail is generally darker than their body colour. The paws of spotted cats are oval-shaped with legs generally of average length. The long tail nearly stretches till the shoulder.


Their historical records indicate that they are native to India, Sri Lanka.


These feisty felines are quite shy but affectionate. As they are wild cats, they avoid humans and prefer hunting at night. You may realise that it is hard for a wild spotted cat to get to trust you.


Some frequently asked questions are:

1. How Long Do Indian Cats Live?

Life expectancy of cats can depend on several factors. Indoor Indian cats can normally live up to 12 to 18 years while many may live till 20 years of age too.

2. Are Cats Low-maintenance Pets?

Cats are generally thought to be low-maintenance pets. They mostly don’t need a great time commitment. They are cleaner and more mellow on the whole.

3. Are Cats Loyal to Their Owners?

Cats do establish a bond and fondness for their owners. They are loyal but may express it differently, habitually in a less obvious way. They tend to pick the person they want to love. Once they decide, they are yours until you prove undeserving of it.

4. What Should I Feed My Pet Cat?

You should provide meats like cooked beef, turkey, and chicken to your pet cat. Refrain from giving raw meat as it can make your cat sick. You can consult your vet for chalking out a balanced and healthy diet for your cat.

Felines have much to submit to their owners from their affection and companionship to cute and playful behaviour. So, if you are planning to adopt a pet, pay a visit to the nearest animal shelter!

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