First Haircut for Baby: Right Age, Preparations & Tips

Baby’s First Haircut – Tips to Make it Easy and Fun

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Each baby is different, even to the same parents. Parents with more than one child will tell you that raising a baby is different each time and that every child has its own idiosyncrasies and growth patterns. It is common for parents to feel apprehensive about different aspects of caring for their baby even if this is not the first child they have. One such landmark moment in the life of the child and the parents is its first haircut.

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Babies can be born with a head full of hair, or as bald as a ball- every child is different. So the first haircut of the child is a big deal, even if your child may not be too enthusiastic about the idea of it. In this article, let us take a look at a few tips which can help make the process a little easier to carry out and easier for your child to get through.

What is the Right Age for the First Haircut of the Baby?

There is no specific best time for baby’s first haircut; it all varies from child to child. You will need to take him to the salon when the hair starts to get into his eyes and starts to irritate him often. The growth rate of the hair is not uniform, so only experience can tell you when you need to take him to the salon. Also, keep in mind that trimming can sometimes make the hair look very thick and full.

Preparations Before Your Child’s First Haircut

A newborn baby’s first haircut is all about making the child as comfortable as possible while a stranger hovers over him with a pair of scissors. So, here are a few tips which can help you be prepared for the landmark event.

  • Take a change of clothes with you. The haircut is going to be a messy process, and your child is sure to wiggle around at least a little bit. You do not want to have hair inside his clothes once the cutting is done- it will only make him irritable and cranky for the rest of the day. Therefore, take a change of clothes with you.
  • Also, take a familiar toy with you. Your child is bound to be nervous, especially as strangers start to hover around him. A familiar toy, like a pacifier, can greatly calm him down at this time. Also, make sure the toys also serve the purpose of distracting him from the cutting process.
  • Snacks are another way to keep your toddler busy while his hair is being cut. Snacks not only keep him engaged but also make him feel more comfortable with the whole thing. However, do not take anything sticky to the salon.
  • Try to get him to be more comfortable about hair cutting by mimicking the actions during playtime or bath time.

Tips to Keep in Mind During the Haircut

Tips to Keep in Mind During the Haircut

There are many things that you can do to ensure that the child is at ease with the trip to the salon. These also help the stylist get through her job without any difficulties.

1. Keep Your Child Comfy

This should be your priority always, even in the hair salon. Some children may refuse to wear the cape for the haircut- if that is the case, you should simply scrap it. Do whatever you can to make your child as comfortable as possible, so that the first hair cutting ceremony progresses without a hitch.

2. Hold Him

For some children, hair cutting can be a traumatic experience. In such situations, no amount of toys or snacks can keep your child engaged- only you can. So, ask the stylist if it is possible for you to hold him while he is getting his hair cut so that he feels more at ease with the process.

3. No Force

It is common for children to be wriggly or squirmy in the salon. This is because your child does not feel safe in the surroundings, so he is trying to make his discomfort apparent to you. In such situations, you should not react by trying to hold him down with even more strength. This not only leads to a heightened sense of resistance but is also potentially dangerous. A sudden jerk or a swift moment when you have let your guard down can result in cuts and bruises- therefore, try to make your child as comfortable as possible.

4. Breaks

Again, your focus should not be on getting through with the process as quickly as possible. You should make sure that your child does not feel too uncomfortable with the whole thing, so taking a few breaks in between may be required. You can simply hold him during this time so that he calms down and stops panicking.

5. Family

A few more known faces around the toddler will only make him more comfortable with the surroundings. Therefore, you can try to bring along someone, like his sibling or grandparents to keep him distracted while his hair is being cut.

6. Have them Watch You Get a Haircut

You can start making them more comfortable about visits to the salon by taking them along whenever you have to style your hair. This also works if his older sibling is the one getting the haircut. This might make them more comfortable about going to the salon, and your child may even be looking forward to his turn on the high chair.

7. No Mirrors

Another important thing to remember is that you do not want your child to be facing the mirror for his first haircut. Kids mostly freak out when they see a stranger hovering over their head snipping hair, so try and turn the chair so that your child is facing you the entire time. This can also make him more comfortable with the haircut.

Getting a haircut is a big deal for your child, so try and make him as comfortable as possible when you visit the salon. You can also try getting him his own barber kit so that he grows used to the hair-styling aspect of it.

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