Car Safety for Babies: Do’s & Don’ts

Baby Car Safety Guidelines

Inadequate car safety may lead to mild injury or serious consequences, including life risk for babies. However, following certain do’s and don’ts can make car travel safe for your children.

Car accidents are known to be one of the most common causes of death in children. However, most of these accidents can be prevented by following car safety guidelines such as using car restraints or not leaving your baby unattended in the car, irrespective of the travel distance. Here are some car safety tips for babies.

Car Safety Tips for Babies

The Dos about Baby Car Safety

1. Use a suitable car restraint

Using a good quality car seat or any other safety restraint is very important while travelling with babies. They should be according to the weight and size of the baby and also fit appropriately according to the model of the vehicle.

2. Position the baby correctly inside the car

Babies should always travel in the back seat and be buckled up properly before the vehicle starts moving. The position should allow them a good head control, especially when fall asleep.

3. Keep your baby within eyesight

Parents should place the car seat in such a way that babies are visible to them from the driver’s seat. This helps in keeping a check on their babies.

4. Take a pit stop during long journeys

It is advisable to take short breaks during long hauls and then resume your onward journey. This allows the baby to spend some free time out of the car seat and also gives parents some rest.

5. Keep the baby engaged

It is better to keep the baby engaged with toys, talk, songs or books so that she does not fidget and can be safeguarded from the risk of falling.

6. Keep the baby hydrated

Giving water and other fluids to babies from time to time during the journey can prevent them from dehydration and heat strokes, which may occur due to the overheating of the vehicle.

7. Dress the baby appropriately

Make your baby wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes, especially when travelling in a hot weather. Use appropriate sun protection cream or accessories, as may be required. Babies may overheat quickly in the car, so take proper care.

8. Display proper car etiquettes yourself

Children learn from what they see their parents doing. So, following good car etiquettes like fastening seat belts before moving, keeping arms inside the car while driving or looking straight while driving can sensitize your kids on safety in cars from an early age.

9. Praise your baby

Always praise your baby with sweet words, hugs and kisses for displaying a good behaviour in the car. This should be done to make them feel better and comfortable for the next journey.

10. Keep emergency numbers and medicines handy

Having emergency numbers of hospitals, road assistance or traffic control authority in your pocket diary or phone can be useful, especially during long travel, accidents or unforeseen circumstances. Also, carry the necessary medicines or prescription for your baby.

The Don’ts about Baby Car Safety

  • Do not keep any loose or sharp objects lying around in the car, as these can hurt the baby most in case of any accident.
  • You can use a car sign board for babies to indicate that there is a baby on board.
  • Do not hold the baby in arms or on your knees; use appropriate car safety equipments instead.
  • Do not leave the baby unsupervised in the car, even for a few minutes.
  • Do not allow siblings to play with or loosen the baby’s seat belts.
  • Do not allow the baby to go into a lying position in the car or unfasten the straps when she falls asleep.
  • Do not use hard-to-fit car seats, as you may feel reluctant to use it on shorter journeys.

Next time you travel with your baby in the car, keep the above checklist in mind to ensure their maximum safety in a car.

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