Can you spoil your baby

Afraid you will Spoil your Baby?

Don’t we all want to give in to what our child says or wants? However, at times this leads us to obliging with everything they want, often spoiling them. Children are too young to understand what may be right for them. Therefore, as parents, it is suggested that we lead the way and draw a line.

When it comes to newborns, the fear of spoiling the little ones is almost baseless. The phrase ‘spoiling your kid’ is relevant and worrisome, when your little one reaches an age whereby he can connect between his actions and your reactions. According to experts, a newborn starts growing this rationale after the first eight months of his life. Hence, the apprehension of spoiling your child during the initial months is groundless. On the contrary, extra attention and care will help you nurture your child more healthily during the first three months.

Working of a Baby’s Mind

The senses of a newborn exfoliate like the petals of a flower. With time and age, your little one learns new things. Babies within three months of age are completely spoil-proof. The more you adore them, the more confident and healthy they become. Experts suggest that the presence of mother around the baby during the first three months helps in developing a strong bond between the two. Your newborn is too little to express his emotions at this tender age and you might find it challenging to understand his behavior at times. With time and experience, you will gradually comprehend his needs and desires and learn to deal with them accordingly.

Working of a Baby’s Mind

Dealing with Newborn Tantrums

Many parents find it hard to decide whether to pay heed to all the tantrums of their babies or not. For the first three months, you need to understand that his tantrums are the only means to communicate with you. A prompt attention to his gestures will diminish his anxiety and he will feel more secure and loved. By no means, you could spoil your newborn during these early months of his life. For example, if he nags for a long time, his crying does not stop, it is an indicator that he is in discomfort. Thus, all you need to do at this juncture is to take good care of your baby and cuddle him often.

The fear of spoiling your baby is somewhat practical as your newborn grows towards toddler-hood. From such a tender age, your child starts developing the sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This indicates the onset of the time, when your baby will learn to recognise your adverse reactions to any of his given actions. By the eighth month, he reaches the threshold whereby he can now understand when you rebuke him for any of his misdoings. Before that time, you can shower all your love and care on your newborn without the fear of spoiling him.

So make your newborn feel special with lots of cuddling and positive attention without dreading to spoil him.

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