Hand and Mouth Development From Birth Till 3 Months

Hand and Mouth Development From Birth Till 3 Months

Congratulations on the birth of your little one! Now that the turmoil of labor and delivery is over, you have all the time to spend with your baby. A lot happens with your baby from birth till 3 months and seeing them grow will be a joyful ride. In the first 3 months, your baby does more than just eat and sleep. From the moment they are outside the womb, babies respond to the external environment and stimuli – and this is where hand and mouth development comes in.

The first three months form an important development period in your baby’s growth chart. Here are the key developmental changes in your baby’s hand and mouth development that you need to watch out for:

1. Your baby is learning to move his hands

At the time of birth, the neck of your baby will not be stiff and the head will be wobbly. But soon, your baby will be able to keep his head straight and turn it to the sides. Your baby will also begin to stretch legs and arms. You will spot your baby kicking vigorously and trying to grasp toys with his little hands. Motor skills hugely develop during this phase, giving your baby total control of his body.

2. He has started communicating through mouth and facial sounds and expressions

Your new born begins to express at this stage. You may see your baby making weird expressions with his mouth, rolling his tongue out or even smiling at you. Your baby can even mimic your expressions and play along with you. Your baby will also make laughing or crying noises to express his feelings. During these 3 months, your baby’s communication skills start developing and it will be no less than a wonderful experience for you!

3. He is also salivating more from his mouth

You will notice that at this time, your baby will start salivating or drooling more often than usual. The main reason behind this is that his mouth and digestive system are developing. Your baby will begin to have control over his mouth and tongue as he grows till 3 months.

4. His hands let him explore audio-visual cues too

You may have observed how your baby looks at your face while feeding, or observes his own hands and feet too. Your baby will also react to different colours and visuals he comes across and faces in the family. Alongside, he will try to retain the memory of the images inside his brain. Visual development is the major milestone your baby will cross in the first 3 months.

Every baby is unique. Some babies will cross these milestones ahead of the time, and some may lag behind. These symptoms are perfectly normal and do not call for any concern. However, if you notice that your baby has shown none of the milestones mentioned above, make sure you consult your doctor. The earlier you target the problem, the earlier it can be solved.

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