Typical Things Indian Mothers Say to Their Children

9 Things All Indian Mothers Tell Their Kids – You Do Too!

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. But the things they say can sometimes leave us in splits. As a mom yourself, why not toast that spirit with some typical dialogues of mothers? They are sure to bring back memories!

Moms may not know it, but they can be quite a funny-bunny! In our parenting journey, we can come out with something so uproarious, it’ll leave you holding your stomach on the floor when you think about it later. These 8 one-liners are some of the most common things mothers say to their children. If you have little ones of your own, they too are sure to have heard and laughed about these at some point!

Hilarious One-Liners from Mothers

1. ‘Eat some more; you’re looking thin’

No matter how healthy your child may seem in other people’s eyes, in your eyes, they’re like a broomstick. So you’ll pile on the food, but still, lament about how thin they are. If they ever think of going on a diet, they’ll never hear the end of it!

2. ‘If you watch so much TV, you’ll get thick glasses!’

Television is every mom’s anathema and nothing you do seems to keep your child away from it! This is why you use the prospect of thick glasses to scare them. Works for many kids!

3. ‘We didn’t have all this in our days…’

There were many things that we didn’t have in their days and we never fail to mention it at the slightest opportunity. It could be anything from buying the latest phone, going clubbing, to even watching those Hollywood flicks with bikini-clad girls. It can be very funny at times but your kids will excuse you for it. After all, they will be guilty of telling their kids the same thing in the future!

4. ‘Learn something from Sharma Aunty’s child!’

Much as we try not to compare, sometimes our children are up to such antics that we cannot help it! It is then that we talk about the neighbour’s kid who seems so disciplined (never mind how you saw him throwing a tantrum at the mall the other day).

5. ‘I spend so much time and energy cooking and you still create a scene!’

It is an unwritten rule – kids will be fussy eaters! It is not that they don’t love you or are not sensitive to your feelings but the food is just high-risk territory! You still do your best to ensure they eat – from emotional dialogues to a fancy presentation.

6. ‘What will our neighbours say?’

‘What will our neighbours say?'

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Has your child ever come home late at night to the sound of ‘what’ll people say’? Moms can be melodramatic and are worried about what society thinks of their kids. The slightest thing your kids do can cause you a severe amount of anxiety. It’s alright, mom. You know you only have their best interests in mind.

7. ‘Who was that girl/boy you were with?’

No person escapes your watchful eyes. If you have a teenager, you can probably surprise them with some tidbits on that person after asking around from friends and neighbours! If they have a girlfriend or boyfriend and try to palm them off as a friend, they should know better! You are not going to rest till you get to the bottom of things.

8. ‘You’ll understand when you become a Mom’

How many times have you heard your mom say this to you? No wonder you too like using it so much! It’s a dialogue made famous by moms when all else has fallen on deaf ears. When your kids test your patience, even more, you can come up with ‘Wait till you become a parent, then you’ll understand your mother’s words’. This is the ultimate full stop to any argument.

9. ‘Tell me what’s wrong; I’ll put it right!’

Finally, this is the bit we love most about moms. No matter what the cause of your child’s anxiety is – from tummy trouble to bad marks to a fight with a friend – you always know how to make things better. With a tight hug and a plateful of delicious food.

Moms will be moms. Your kids may fight with you, banter with you and even drive you crazy, but you’ll always be their mom and won’t stop looking after them or loving them no end!

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