7 Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Baby Massage

7 Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Baby Massage

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Plenty of praises have been sung about massages for babies and their various benefits. Baby massages are a delightful way to boost your baby’s development! Although baby massages have been popular for decades, the choice of oil used has changed over time. While traditional natural oils may dominate the popular notion of what’s best for baby, care is being taken that these oils are made more gentle for baby massages. Why? Well, you want your baby’s skin to stay soft and supple, have it stay clear of skin problems, and not have your little one fall prey to colds because of having used the wrong massage oil for his gentle skin, don’t you?

And that’s where olive oil comes to the rescue!

Why use olive oil for baby massage?

7 Benefits of Olive Oil for Baby Massage

Apart for being one of the healthiest and yummiest cooking oils, olive oil is also used for skin care and cosmetic purposes. This makes it an easy choice for your baby’s massage, although it’s extremely important that you choose a good product.

Note: If your baby’s skin is damaged or is prone to eczema, olive oil may not be the best choice for the baby’s massage. Consult with your doctor before using olive oil to massage your baby.

1. All-weather Massage Oil

This is definitely an advantage all moms can get on board with! There are certain oils that are restricted to summer or winter seasons, because using them during any other time can affect your baby’s health. But that’s not the case with this type of oil. The only thing you need to consider is the quantity you’ll be using to massage your baby. Use a generous amount during winter months when skin tends to dry out more, but use a smaller amount during summers, as olive oil can be pretty heavy on skin that requires less moisture.

2. Has Moisturizing Properties

Protect your little one’s soft baby skin with the moisturising properties of olive oil, leaving it smoother, softer, and shinier than it already was! Olive oil contains squalene which is a hydrating agent, that permeates your baby’s skin, making it baby-soft!

3. Cures Cradle Cap

A skin condition that leads to dry and flaky layers on the baby’s scalp, cradle cap doesn’t usually cause much discomfort to the baby, although the sight of it isn’t very pleasant. Olive oil is helpful in curing cradle cap; simply massage the baby’s head with the oil and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Wash and rinse the oil off with a mild shampoo and use a comb to remove the loosened bits and flakes. You’ll see favourable results in just a couple of uses!

Olive oil cures cradle cap

4. Cures Cough

With winter approaching, the dreaded colds and coughs that plague your baby are underway as well! Massaging your baby’s chest with a mixture of eucalyptus radiata oil and a few drops of a good olive oil can help relieve him of his cough and respiratory congestion. You can also rub it on his palms or the soles of his feet to provide more relief.

5. Prevents and Cures Diaper Rashes

Yet another common condition that presents both moms and babies with nightmares, diaper rashes can be quite distressing to deal with. Prevent these rashes by massaging your baby’s diaper area with olive oil. You can also use a mixture of two spoons of olive oil and lukewarm water to treat your baby’s rashes.

6. Promotes Sleep

Olive oil has relaxing properties that can soothe and lull your baby to sleep. Rub the soles of your baby’s feet with a few drops of olive oil and massage him till he gently drifts off.

Promotes sleep

7. Good for Hair Health

Olive oil strengthens your baby’s hair and softens it if it’s rough or coarse. It is also a good source of Vitamin E which can enhance the texture of his hair and moisturises it well.

While massaging your baby, you want to ensure that it benefits him right from top-to-toe! An olive oil massage for your baby is great for all seasons and nourishes his skin and hair, among other advantages that it provides. Ensure that you choose a quality product that is trusted by other moms as well, and your baby’s beautiful skin will soon be thanking you!