Top 65 Girl Names That Start With "Cor"

65 Names Starting With ‘Cor’ for Girls

Many people say ‘what’s in a name?’ It should be short, simple and easy to spell! However, we believe that a name defines the identity of a person. Most parents are quite thoughtful while selecting the perfect name for their little one! It’s a unique gift that you as a parent bestow upon your little one, which becomes an indispensable part of their personality. So, it’s okay if you get a bit choosy with names. In this article, we have suggested 65 best baby girl names that start with ‘Cor.’

65 Girl Names That Start With ‘Cor’ With Meanings

Here we have given the most beautiful girl names that begin with ‘Cor’:

1. Cora

An Ancient Greek origin name, this one means ‘daughter or maiden.’ The name also has roots in the Gaelic language, and Cora means ‘just, honest, or good’ in Gaelic.

2. Corabel

A cute Greek origin name that sounds perfect for little girls! It means ‘maiden’ in Greek.

3. Coral

A sweet Latin baby girl name that means ‘semi-precious stone that is deep pink or red in colour and grows under the sea.’

4. Coralina

A Greek origin baby name that means ‘from the coral of the sea.’

5. Coralyn

A pretty name of Greek and Latin origins, meaning ‘maiden.’

6. Coralia

Again, a Greek origin name meaning ‘maiden.’ Cute nicknames like Cori, Ella, or Lia would go well with this name!

7. Corali

A sweet French cum Latin origin name, meaning ‘coral.’ A precious name for your beloved daughter!

8. Coraima

A cute name of Greek origin that means ‘maiden.’ The pronunciation of the name goes like ‘koh-RIY-ma.’

9. Coralye

A beautiful French origin name that means ‘coral.’ Some famous bearers of the name include Coralie Dubost, Coralie Balmy, and Coralie Clement.

10. Corda

Corda is a Greek origin name that was derived from the word ‘chord,’ which means string or rope. Corda was a nickname often given to habitual wearers of ties and ribbons.

11. Cordessa

Cordessa is a pretty feminine name that means ‘maiden,’ and is a Greek origin name.

12. Cordia

A name of Latin and Celtic origins, meaning ‘heart’ or ‘daughter of the sea.’

13. Cordie

A variation of the name Cordia, this name of Latin and Celtic origin means ‘daughter of the sea.’

14. Coralee

A classic name of Greek and Latin origin, meaning ‘maiden.’

15. Coraline

Coraline is a combination of the two names Cora and Caroline. Coraline is a very popular American baby name meaning ‘heart’ or ‘maiden.’

16. Coralynne

An exotic French name with a Latin origin name that means ‘coral.’ A nice nickname like Coral or Lynne would go well with this name!

17. Corabelle

When the sweet name Belle meets Cora, it becomes Corabelle! Corabelle is a Greek origin name that means ‘maiden.’

18. Coralise

Coralise is yet another Greek origin name that means ‘maiden.’

19. Coranne

A Celtic origin baby girl name that’s not that popular these days! It means ‘mythical druid.’

20. Cordela

A cute name for little girls with an even beautiful meaning! Although the origin of the name is not clear, Cordela means ‘heart.’ It was also associated with the Welsh name Creiddylad which means ‘jewel of the sea.’

21. Corealana

A name perfect for parents looking for unique and unconventional names for their daughter! The origin of this name is not clear, and it means ‘precious maiden.’

22. Corette

A sweet French origin baby name that’s apt for young girls. It means ‘little maiden.’

23. Corie

A short and sweet baby girl name that has an exotic Irish origin. Corie means ‘from the round hill, seething pool or ravine.’

24. Corinne

A beautiful female name, which is a French variant of the English name Corina! It means ‘beautiful maiden.’ Corinne was that name of a famous novel published in 1808 by Madame de Stael after which this name became quite famous.

25. Corissa

A beautiful name of Greek origin that means ‘heart or maiden.’

26. Corella

Corella is yet another attractive name of Greek origin that means ‘maiden.’

27. Coree

Coree is a short and sweet Gaelic origin name that means ‘dweller in or near a hollow.’

28. Corey

A unisex name of Irish origin, this one means ‘dweller in or near a hollow.’ It was also a common surname in Ireland!

29. Corina

A beautiful and popular name of Greek origin, meaning ‘maiden.’

30. Corinth

A classic English name that’s not very common these days! Corinth is a biblical name meaning ‘one who is satisfied, ornament, or beauty.’

31. Corissia

A cute and unique name for your baby girl, this one means ‘a beautiful young woman.’ It was also the name of a lake in Greece.

32. Coreen

A short and sweet Irish origin name, meaning ‘maiden.’

33. Corene

The Greek variation of the name Corinne, Corene means ‘maiden.’ It was derived from the Greek word Kora.

34. Corinthia

A Greek origin name for girls that means ‘woman of Corinth.’

35. Corita

A Greek origin name meaning ‘a beautiful and young maiden.’

36. Coretta

Coretta is an American name that means ‘little heart.’ A cute name for an adorable little girl!

37. Corrigan

A unique and lovely name for your little one, Corrigan means ‘spear’ in Irish. It is also an Irish surname, and that means ‘descendant of Corragan’.

38. Corisande

A Greek origin name that’s quite unconventional these days! It means ‘chorus singer.’

39. Cornethie

A classic Greek origin baby name that is derived from the name Corinth, which means ‘maiden.’

40. Corri

A sweet name of English origin that means ‘from the round hill, or ravine.’

41. Corrina

A Greek origin baby name that means ‘a young maiden.’

42. Cortney

An exotic French baby name that means ‘courtly or courteous.’ It is a variant of the famous name Courtney.

43. Coryn

Coryn is a classic Greek origin baby name that means ‘a young maiden.’

44. Corla

A unique name that was derived from the name Coral. It refers to ‘the pinkish stony surface formed from the skeletons secreted by marine polyps.’ Coral is used in jewellery making.

45. Corazon

A beautiful name of Spanish origin, this one means ‘heart.’

46. Corriana

Corriana is a name derived from the classic Greek origin name Corinna. It means ‘maiden.’ Corrina is also a variation of the Latin name Corin.

47. Cornelia

A cute and feminine Irish origin name that makes for an adorable name for little girls! The meaning of Cornelia is ‘strong-willed or wise.’ Another version of the name is Cornelius.

48. Corliss

Corliss is a unisex name, but we feel that it’s more suitable for girls! Corliss is an English origin name that means ‘happy and carefree.’

49. Cortana

A Latin origin name that means ‘the sword of mercy!’

50. Corabellita

Derived from the attractive name Corabella, Corabellita means ‘a beautiful maiden.’

51. Coralie

Got a thing for French names? Then this one is definitely worth a chance! Coralie is a French name that means ‘coral.’ It was derived from a Latin word called coralium.

52. Cordella

A classic Latin origin name meaning ‘jewel of the sea’.

53. Cordelle

A trendy variation of the Latin name Cordella, Cordelle means’ heart.’

54. Cortland

A German origin unisex name that means ‘courtier or brave.’

55. Cortnee

An old French name that means ‘domain of Curtius.’

56. Cordula

Cordula is a Latin origin name that means ‘born late’ or ‘heart.’

57. Cordulla

A trendy variation of the name Cordula, it means ‘heart.’

58. Corby

An English origin name that means ‘farm settlement.’

59. Corneisha

A classic name with an unclear origin that means ‘queen of the night.’

60. Corvy

An English origin baby name that means ‘raven-haired.’ It is an alternative spelling of the name Corby.

61. Corazana

An exotic Spanish origin name, meaning ‘heart.’

62. Coraly

A cute French name that is derived from Latin, meaning ‘coral.’

63. Corista

An unconventional name that means ‘a member of the choir, church.’

64. Correnda

A Greek origin name meaning ‘young maiden.’

65. Correene

Correene is a classic variation of the name Corrine, which means ‘maiden.’

We hope that you find the perfect name for your little princess from the names listed above. Finding the right name for your little one can be quite an adventure, so we wish you good luck!

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