100 Cute and Uncommon Baby Shower Invitation Wordings

100 Unique and Cute Baby Shower Invitation Wordings

Baby showers are memorable celebrations which can be made even more remarkable by creating an exclusive baby shower invitation wording. An extraordinary worded invite may not only leave a lasting impression on your guest’s mind but may act as an inspiration for any future references. A creatively styled invitation card is an ideal way to express your feelings for the special occasion and also to let your guests have an exciting glimpse of what’s in store for them later. Here are some unique, yet beautiful wording for baby shower invitation that you can use. Your guests will be filled with awe after reading the invite message and will eagerly wait to attend your baby shower.

What to Include in the Invitation?

You may like to include the following details of the event in the invitation:

  • Date and time
  • Address (easy directions or important landmarks if possible)
  • Theme if any
  • Menu (optional)
  • Information about the baby registry for gifts
  • RSVP information
  • Name of parents-to-be
  • Name of hosts (if not the parents)

When to Send a Baby Shower Invitation?

A baby shower is usually planned about six weeks before the date of delivery. The mother may go in labour around that time, so keep the doctor’s instructions in mind before you plan a baby shower. And, when you do have a date, send the invites at least a month in advance. This will allow your friends and family to prepare well for the beautiful event you have planned for the mother and the baby.

Baby Shower Invitation Wordings Ideas to Create a Memorable Invitation

There can be many ways to design a fabulous invite by using attractive images, colourful fonts and eye-catching colour combinations. You can take things a notch higher by innovatively wording the invite. You can get amazingly creative by adding a short poem, using catchy, rhyming phrases or wacky lines to fashion a memorable invitation. You can go the traditional way or be original by penning your own words. Here are a few ideas to help you liven up your invitation for the joyous occasion.

For a Baby

Baby Shower Invite for Baby Boy

Some fun and thrilling wordings for a baby shower:

1. “Who knows what it’ll be,
    If you could reach the addressee 
    Don’t be a busy bee
    Come and share our glee
    Honouring xyz our special mom-to-be!”

2. “Did you get the forecast?
     A baby is coming on a sleigh
     And a shower is coming your way!
     Please intimate ‘weather’ you can join us”

3. “Join us for a baby shower
    Do come and grace this hour
    Let’s welcome the baby
    And bless the lady!”

4. “Let’s cheer
     For the D- day is here!
     And honour our very own xyz dear”

5. “Baby shower and Luncheon
     To welcome our darling munchkin
    We invite you thee
    So, make yourself free!”

6. “Do you want sugar or spice?
     We won’t ask you twice
     But we promise you everything nice!
    Join us for a baby shower to honour”

7. “Blissful hearts and happy smiles
    Having a baby shortly, meanwhile
    Those cute little chubby hands and feet
    Makes everything worthwhile
    Let’s have a party in style!
    Please join us for a baby shower”

8. “Save the Date,
     And don’t be late!
    Something is cooking in the bun
    So be there hon
    To honour dear xyz”

9. “First came love,
     Then marriage!
    Now look who’s gracing
    the baby carriage.
    Please join us for a baby shower to honour”

10. “Baby-o-bash
       So, make a dash
      For all the fun
      That’s bound to begin
      When you sash your way”

11. “Nobody knows
      which way the wind blows!
      But as the tradition goes
     Join us for a baby shower to honour dear xyz”

12. “Sail on over
      And make a stopover!
      For we’ll be having a makeover
      To honour our mom-to-be, xyz”

13. “Please join us for a Look n See
       to bless the new baby!
       In honour of xyz”

14. “Bottles, bibs and diapers
      A baby’s coming says the piper!
      Join us for a baby shower honouring dear xyz”

15. “She looks great
       And we have chosen a date
       So please be there mate
      For a baby shower on the eighth”

16. “The special day is drawing near
      Let’s shower our love and cheer
      Join us for a baby shower honouring xyz”

18. “Dear Andy is due
       but she has no clue!
      A baby shower is in line
      So let’s wine and dine”

19. “Lots of baby wishes and kisses
      Who knows for the prince or princess
     Join us for a baby shower to honour dear xyz”

20. “Dear Bani is ready to pop!
       So do make a stop
      For a baby shower”

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for Boy

Here are some boy baby shower invitation wordings that you can use on invitation card.

  1. Time to welcome our little little man into the world! Join us, the happy parents, in showering the mom-to-be and her new bundle-to-be with lots of love.
  2. Boy, oh boy! Guess what she’s having? It’s time to party hard— and we need you for that!
  3. Skip the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails! Our little baby boy needs bottles, blankets and burp cloths!
  4. Oh Boy! You are cordially invited to a baby shower honouring xxx.
  5. Two very little feet we are about to greet. A baby boy is about to be here, and we can’t wait to meet!
  6. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. Little itty-bitty clothes. Boats, cars, wooden toys. Guess what she’s expecting – It’s a baby BOY!
  7. Nowadays, we love everything BLUE, and are happy to say, A little baby BOY is due!
  8. The honour of your presence is requested at a baby boy shower for xxx.
  9. Join us to share our joy, as we prepare for the arrival of our little boy!
  10. Ahoy! We are having a boy! Join us for a shower on xxx (date).

Invitation Wording Ideas For Girl

Here are some girl baby shower invitation wordings that you can use on baby shower invitation card.

  1. Join us for a sugar, spice and everything nice baby girl shower!
  2. Come dressed in pink as our baby girl is on the way!
  3. Who runs the world? Girls! Calling all my lovely ladies to come celebrate the little queen in waiting!
  4. Two little feet we are about to greet, a baby girl we can’t wait to meet!
  5. Our baby girl is on the way, so, let’s celebrate with a special day. Please join us for a baby shower xxx.
  6. Bottles and booties and bibs and more, let’s shower the baby girl with gifts galore!
  7. Let’s shower our princess with love before she even arrives! You are cordially invited to a baby shower for xxx and her baby girl.
  8. A baby girl is brewing, so we’re throwing a pink bash. And it wouldn’t be a party without you there, so come raise a glass to our new little addition!
  9. Since we’ve got a bun in the oven, we’re firing up the grill to celebrate the baby-girl-to-be—with a bash.
  10. We’ve travelled all around the world and back again, but our real adventure begins when baby girl is born. Come help us kick off our new parents’ journey!!

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Don’t yet wish to reveal what you expecting? Worry not! Here are some gender neutral baby shower invitation wordings for invitation cards.

  1. Thinking what will it be? You’re invited to join a gender reveal baby shower in honour of xxx.
  2. The drinks are cold, the diapers are still dry, and we’re waiting for you to come on, so we can reveal if we are having a baby girl or boy!
  3. Our little pumpkin is on the way. Join us to know what we have carved to pop in May!
  4. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, are you wondering what is ours? Up, above the world so high, come join us to know if it’s a pink or a blue star!
  5. Our little wild thing is on the way, and we can’t keep calm!
  6. All we can say is that our baby is on the way!
  7. There’s a new tot joining our lot. Come say “Hi”!
  8. Pink or blue, which do you choose? Come tell us and know the answer too!
  9. Our new baby is in the works. Come visit the construction site on xxx!
  10. Little bows or pink toys, we will soon revel about our lifetime of joys.

Twins Invitation Wording

Twins Invitation Wording

Let your creativity sparkle to create beautiful wordings for baby shower invitation in baby flavours!

1. “Ahoy!
    Twice the love, twice the joy
    Twice the blessing we seek
    Please join us for a baby shower”

2. “It’s twins-to-be
     We are surely full of glee
     Let’s celebrate this yippee
     To honour dear xyz”

3. “It takes two
     For magic to brew!
     So take the cue
     And join us for celebrations to honour”

4. “Two little peanuts
      Are soon to arrive!
      Let’s celebrate with cakes and doughnuts
     Music and jive.
    Join us for a twin baby shower to honour dear xyz”

5. “Dear Mandy is having twins!
     Let’s get together and give her wings
     To celebrate and shower our blessings
     Before her new chapter of life begins!”

6. “Twin peas in a pod
      So much joy in accord!
     Join us to celebrate the twin baby shower honouring dear xyz”

7. “They are expecting two babies
      We need to celebrate this ladies!
     Join us for a baby shower in the honour of”

8. “Twenty little fingers, twenty little toes
      Its double magic, heaven knows!
      Please join us for a twin baby shower”

9. “Two precious bundles of joy 
      What more can one ask for oh Boy!
     Four tiny arms to hug on tight
     Four cute cheeks to kiss nighty-night!
     We are thrilled to announce a baby shower for our twins”

10. “Twice the boon
       we are over the moon
      Twice the delight
      We are eager to invite
     For a baby shower to honour dear xyz”

11. “One, two! much to do!
      Twice the fun is coming our way
      So let’s celebrate this exciting day
     Join us for a twin baby shower”

12. “Want a clue? We’re expecting two!
       A celebration is due
      Join us for a baby shower in honouring xyz”

13. “We got blessed twice!
       Oh! Isn’t it nice?
      Be a part of our paradise”

14. “Good blessings come in pairs
       God answered our prayers!
       So please come and share
      Our joy at twin baby shower”

15. “Double Bonanza! Double the Fun!
      We have a party spun
     Join the celebrations to honour dear xyz”

Baby Shower Invitations for COED

Parenting is usually a team effort where the mother and father both play an equally important role. So, it makes sense to celebrate the arrival of a baby together as a couple. Some of the ideas for couple’s baby shower invitations can be:

1. “A baby is Brewing!
     Let’s raise a toast to celebrate our new addition 
     Please join us for a couple’s baby shower bash to honour
    abc (wife) and xyz (husband)”

2. “We’ve travelled all over seeking thrills!
     We are about to begin our life’s greatest adventure
    Join us on our exciting trip as we welcome the arrival of our baby”

3. “We’re firing up the grill
      There is a bun in the oven!
     Join us for a BBQ as we celebrate the baby-to-be”

4. “Books are the best companions!
     Skip the card and bring along your favourite book
     As we celebrate the birth of our baby
     For Books and Brunch
     In the honour of parents-to-be abc and xyz”

5. “Nisha’s baby is almost here!
     So, let’s gear up for some cheer
     And celebrate with chilled beer
    Join us for a cool baby shower”

6. “Come and join our couple’s shower celebration.
      All are invited and welcome to come to our big celebration.”

7. “Come celebrate the beautiful soon-to-be parents!”

8. “You’re invited to our coed baby shower!
     Join us with a smile.”

9. “Living across the ocean or down the street,
     we want you at our baby shower without an excuses.”

10. “Sip a wine, see the baby bump, and enjoy!”

Baby Sprinkles Invitation Wordings

You can choose a neutral colour scheme and complement with enjoyable add-ons like timeless phrases, amusing lines to make an interesting invitation.

1. “Babies are so cute and such fun
     We’re going for another one!
     In the honour of dear xyz”

2. “We’re proud to say
     Another baby is on the way!
     Please join us to brighten our day
     As we celebrate the arrival of our little one”

3. “Two little hands and cute little feet
     One more baby makes our sweet family complete!
     Please join us for a baby sprinkle in the honour of dear xyz”

4. “Someone lovely someone bubbly
     Someone cuddly someone chubby
     To love and cherish is here
    Let’s celebrate with a hearty cheer!
    Join us in showering dear xyz with a baby sprinkle”

5. “We are in for our second innings
    It’s time for new beginnings
    We sure are grinning
    As our world is again spinning
    Please join us as we celebrate a baby sprinkle in honour of dear xyz”

6. “A smile, a wink, a little baby will be here in a blink!”

7. “Oh what fun!
     Oh what joy!
    (mommy’s name here) is having a baby girl or maybe a boy!”

8. “Babies are not a remote and cannot be pressed mute,
    so help us with some clothes, diapers and toys.”

9. “Someone near, someone dear.
    Someone very special is almost here!”

10. “Love, joy, and beautiful dreams.
      All the sweet things a mother-to-be can dream!”

Baby shower Table decoration

Theme Baby Shower Invitations

Organising a themed baby shower can be lots of fun. There is an array of themes available which can cater to every need and desire you have. Colour themes are usually the popular choice. But, opting for a more ingenious, out-of-the-box kind of theme is sure to get you the approval of many! You can further shape the invitation into a special reminder by some creative wordings.

1. You can create couples baby shower invitation as:

“A brand-new baby is coming!
A lot of joy it’s bringing
We can hardly wait!
So, let’s celebrate the joint effort with a joint shower
Please join us for a couple’s baby shower”

2. A surprise baby shower invitation wording can be:

“Shhhh! We’ve planned a surprise
Which is coming from the skies
And bound to give many highs
But don’t worry we have fries and pies
And lots of games and a big prize
Join us for a surprise baby shower to honour xyz”

3. An Indian baby shower invitation wording can be written as:

“You’re invited for high tea
So, if you agree
We would love to see
You dressed in a pastel saree!
Please join us for a baby shower”

4. A fun, game-themed invitation can be:

“It’s tough to say when is the delivery day
But a special gift is definitely on the way!
Let’s celebrate and be merry
For there will be prizes to carry!
It’s a baby shower in honour of dear xyz”

5. A book themed baby shower initiation can be:

“A baby is the beginning of a new storybook.
Please join us as we celebrate our 1st chapter.”

6. An animal-themed baby shower invitation card message can contain:

“Our home situation is about to get wild!
A baby is on the way!
Join us as we celebrate the future arrival of baby xxx.”

7. A mermaid themed baby shower invitation can be written as:

“Our very own little mermaid is on its way – a baby girl is coming yay!”

8. Pizza themed baby shower invite can be:

“There’s a base in the oven,
but it’s already a pizza our hearts!”

9. Baby bottle themed baby shower invitation can be:

“Let’s click our bottles and say “Cheers”!”

10. Harry Potter-themed baby shower invite can be:

“Join us as we celebrate the arrival of our soon-to-be-born muggle!”

Funny Baby Shower Invitation

Here are some funny ways to invite people to your baby shower.

1. Once upon a time
    There lived a couple so cool
    They had a wish
    To be covered in baby drool
    Let’s party as their wish came true!
    It’s a baby shower!

2. Come soon or else we have to shop
     xxx is about to pop!

3. Have you heard the big news?
    There’s going to be a brand new kid on the block!

4. A new baby is on the way,
    so let’s have some fun before delivery day!

5. 2,4,6,8.
    We don’t know how many days before the due date,
   so save the baby shower date!

6. I like pink,
    she likes blue.
    What do you think it will be or will we be having both?

How You Can Send Baby Shower Invitation?

There are numerous ways to send out a baby shower invitation, like:

1. Paper Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Baby shower cards on paper are extra-special touch as they add a hint of love and personal touch to the one you send them to. Paper baby shower invites can be:

  • General Printed Invites: You can pick from templates available at your local greeting card store, as these cards are relatively generic, which is ideal if you don’t have a very specific theme.
  • Handmade Invites: Buy some stationery items and make the cards yourself. Handmade invites also add a sense of personal touch.
  • Customised Printed Invites: If you are hosting a themed baby shower invite, then you will also want to have and themed invitation card to announce your theme. What’s better than a customised printed card as per your taste?

2. Electronic Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Electric invites are a great way to reduce paper waste and can be sent across quickly as compared to paper invites. Some different ways of sending electronic baby shower invitations can be:

  • Email-Invite: Send out e-invites to your guests with just a click of a mouse. No need to visit printing shops to get your cards printed, but there are many websites that let you design the invites from scratch.
  • WhatsApp Video Invite: WhatsApp is the most convenient way of sending out messages these days. So, why not use this method to send out baby shower invites through WhatsApp? All you need to do is make a small video with details of your baby shower and send it to people you would like to invite.
  • Social Media Event Invite: You can create a social media event for your baby shower and add your guest list to it. Your guests will have all the information in one place!


1. Should You Use Formal or Informal Language on Baby Shower Invitations?

A baby shower invite can be both formal and informal. If you are inviting just the close ones, then you can send out an informal invite. But if you are sending out invite to relatives and friends who are not that close, but you wish them to be a part of your celebration, you can send out a formal invitation.

2. Are There Any Mistakes to Avoid When Wording Baby Shower Invitation?

Mistakes can happen even if we double check everything. So, make sure:

  • The language of your baby shower invitation is simple and clear.
  • Mention the date, time, venue, theme, and information about the hosts.
  • Ensure you have details of the gift registry, or gift suggestions if there is no registry on the invite.
  • Mention the RSVP contact details, and when you would like RSVPs by on the invitation card.

3. Are There Any Religious Factor to Consider When Wording a Baby Shower Invitation?

Baby shower invite is the first step to send out the happy news to your dear ones that you are expecting. Sometimes, while sending out the invites you might wish to play with the language a little to make it sound fun. Make sure you do not use any words or language that can hurt the religious sentiments of an individual.

4. Can I Include a Request for No Gifts on the Baby Shower Invitation?

If you do not wish to receive any baby shower gifts, but just want to enjoy time with your loved ones, you can mention the same on the invitation card.

Coming up with a striking invitation while planning a baby shower can help you make your event a grand success. Captivating wordings can easily enliven your invite and make it more appealing. The wordings of the invite if chosen aptly can beautifully convey the happiness and excitement of the parents-to-be.

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