Life After Baby Birth

5 Things Being a Mom Can Rob you Off

It’s said that a woman becomes complete after she gives birth. But few realise what she loses after entering this new phase. Life after a baby is not that easy and can sometimes make you reminisce about the good ol’ days.

You love your kids dearly and spend the entire day looking after them. You do just about anything to see them happy. But there are times when you feel like something’s amiss. No matter how much you love them, you can’t deny missing pre-motherhood every once in a while!

Your Life after a Baby

1. Your Sleep

Gone are the days when you followed a healthy sleeping routine and woke up fresh as a daisy with zero bags under your eyes. Forget about a set pattern now that you’re a mom. Consider yourself lucky if you get to sleep for six hours a night, especially if you have very young kids. Short naps during the day and a few hours at night are what your sleep routine now consists of. If the kids aren’t in dreamland, you aren’t too!

2. Me-Time

Where you had plenty of alone time before motherhood, you can only yearn for it now. Today, you’re hardly by yourself; your little brood are usually with you. And while you do love that fact, sometimes it can get a little too much to handle. Your mind as well as your body needs time to relax and that usually happens when the kids are asleep or at their grandparents’ for the day.

3. Chilling with The Girls

Those carefree days when you’d hang out with your girl gang and go on shopping sprees and have endless conversations are history now. You can’t be a part of such plans anymore because your children need you at home. Even if you do plan something of the sort and leave them at your mom’s, you won’t be able to really enjoy yourself because you’ll be worried about how they’re doing.

Chilling with the girl

4. Time with Your Partner

Spending quality time with your partner is almost out of the question after having kids, at least for a few years. Taking care of the little ones, devoting time to your career and managing household chores takes up most of your time. Once you’re done with everything, you want nothing more than to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Sex? Maybe another time!

5. Your Routine

You’re certainly robbed of your daily routine especially if you’re a mom. Kids seldom follow a set routine and if they don’t, how can you? You may plan to get up at five in the morning, but if your children didn’t sleep until midnight, you cannot. You want to spare a couple of hours to check your emails and catch up on some work but the kids may have other plans.

Do these points sound familiar? Your children fill your house with love and joy, but they do deprive you of many things and that can’t be denied. Nevertheless, it seems worth it, doesn’t it? Seeing them smile and watching them grow are priceless. And while me-time and lovemaking take back seat, the rewards can’t be beat. Hats off to all you moms out there!

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