Simple ways for Sippy Cup Transition

5 Simple Ways to Switch Your Kids to a Big-Kid Cup

Nutrition plays an important role in your little one’s growth and development. Now that he is a toddler, he will be old enough to have learned basic control over small sippy cups. Soon, he will be entering a phase where he will transition from sippy cup to regular cup. This marks an important step in his physical development. Some extra effort on your end can aid him well and a few hacks can help you do so well!

1. Ask to imitate

Kids at this age are quick learners and tend to imitate adults around them. Drink your soup or coffee in cups in front of your children and then offer them the cups to get them to imitate you. Your child will be excited to try this and, with practice, will learn how to balance the weight and liquid flow.

2. Designer Cups

Designer cups make one of the best transition cups from sippy cups. A favorite cartoon character or colours tend to excite children. Leverage on the same and use kid friendly cups or bowls that are colourful or are printed with cartoon characters to help your child transition to big cups. Your baby will happily indulge in careful eating when using these attractive cups and bowls

3. Let her pick

Why not ask your little one to pick out what he likes? When shopping for a bigger cup, guide him to choose what he likes in terms of the color and the shape! Doing so will make your little one excited to use the cup as it is his choice and soon, the small sipper will be forgotten.

4. Switch Directly

Serve your little one’s favorite drink in a bigger bowl. He is sure to not fuss about it as he has his favorite drink to look forward to. Let him try to have the drink on his own after initial guidance and then give him some space for practice once he gets what to do. He will happily try to learn on his own with his favourite drink as a reward.

5. Manage the Gap

You might have a problem if your little one’s play school typically uses sippers and smaller cups or bowls. Your little one would demand the same back home. Help your kid and manage the gap by differentiating between the two. Make the home cups interesting and attractive with designs and label them for home use to help your child get used to them.

Spills are an expected part of any progress in your child’s physical development, especially so in sippy cup transition. Patience is the key in aiding your kid’s faster development.

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