5 Marriage Details You Shouldn't Tell Your Friends!

5 Marriage Details It’s Not Okay to Tell Your Friends!

Some marriage problems and secrets should not be discussed with friends. The more you spill the beans, the tougher it becomes to handle the situation afterwards. How can you unwind then? Well, all’s well if you just respect a few off-limit things not to tell your friends about your marriage.

While chatting with close friends, you may sometimes forget your limits and end up unveiling secrets that should otherwise be hidden. These things can make way for misunderstandings that could get you into a deadlock from which you can’t escape. Friends may turn foes and your marriage could even hit a wall!

5 Marriage Problems Friends Can’t Know

1. Don’t Share Details of Pet Peeves

You and your partner probably have some common friends. If you discuss issues like your husband’s and in-laws’ habits, you could face an awkward situation when you next meet up with these friends. They could inadvertently ruin your relationship and you can lose your husband’s trust if they spill the beans.

2. Don’t Discuss Your Finances

Friends sometimes get into the habit of comparing stuff like money, the number of cars they own, or houses they plan to buy. Let them go ahead. Don’t discuss your financial details with your friends as they could end up blabbering. Those with inferiority and superiority complexes could feel jealous or look down on you. Such actions can be painful and your friendship can go sour. As for your husband, he absolutely won’t like it!

3. Don’t Talk About Intimate Stuff

Some things should remain under wraps and intimacy between you and your partner is one of these. You should never discuss it with your friends, no matter how close they are. A friend could be going through tough times in her marriage or she could be single. These discussions can make her feel envious of your relationship. Or, she could turn out to be someone who spills secrets and could bring about the ruin of your marriage.

4. Never Share Details of Fights

There are arguments in every marriage but they should never be brought up in front of friends. Let’s say you complain about your husband and tell them what he said or did. They’ll have a very bad impression of him and could spread the word. It doesn’t matter when you and hubby make up (which you will). The damage is done and his reputation is marred.

5. Don’t Complain

No matter how irritating your in-laws are or how much you dislike your husband’s sloppy ways, deal with the problem without bitching about it. Being a complaint box can push friends away. They could start avoiding you due to your nature of bitching about your personal life. They could even repeat what you say and you’ll end up regretting your mistake.

All marriages go through rough patches, but things can get better. Steer clear of things not to tell your friends about your marriage. It’ll save you plenty of headaches and motivate you to solve issues instead of simply complaining about them!

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