Five Reasons to Shower Some Love on Your Caring Husband

5 Heartwarming Reasons to Shower Your Prince Charming With Love

Every couple goes through hardships. But when you have a caring husband who dotes on you, struggles become surmountable. He may not be a knight in shining armour, but your bond protects and nurtures you like no armour can! Rediscover why you love your hubby just the way he is.

Since childhood, you’ve dreamt of a prince who’d sweep you off your feet and give you a happily-ever-after life. While reality may be somewhat different and your husband imperfect, he’s been with you through all your ups and downs and continues to love you. He’s your prince and though he may not ride a white horse and wear shining armour, he’s the man of your dreams!

Reasons Why You Love Your Caring Husband

1. He Adores You Despite Your Flaws

Your hubby may not have won a sword fight or slain scary dragons but he’s your rock and your hope. He’s committed to you for the rest of his life. No matter how steep the journey of marriage gets, he’s promised never to break your heart. He knows your flaws well but he doesn’t judge you and loves you in spite of them. That’s bravery!

2. He’s Supportive and a Good Listener

Your loving husband supports you through good and bad times. On days when you want to be heard and not advised or lectured, he’s there listening to every word and letting you vent. He supports you and guides you even when you’re at your worst yet he’s not afraid to set you on the right path when he has to.

3. You’re a Priority

He may be a busy man but he takes pride in being responsible for your happiness and is always there for you. It’s easy to speak to him and you know there’s nothing you can’t tell him. When you’re not in a mood to do anything, he makes sure you’re comfortable and that you have everything you need. When you’re having a bad day and need someone to talk to, you can call him up and he’s there to lend a shoulder to cry on.

4. He’s Romantic and Humorous

Your loving husband may not serenade you or put on a show-stopping dance at a ball, but he’s still very romantic. He takes out time to join you in your grocery shopping, he likes your morning jogs and has no qualms about helping you out in the kitchen. And at times, he surprises you with a date at your favourite restaurant and offers to give you a relaxing massage after a long day. He loves spending time with you and enjoys making you laugh.

5. He’s Committed and Willing to Compromise

A husband taking care of his wife knows that compromise is part of a marriage. He’s not afraid to apologise for his mistakes and tries to make things worthwhile. He knows to meet you halfway if a quarrel needs to be resolved or if there’s work that must be completed quickly. Thanks to his sensitivity, arguments rarely escalate into nasty fights and the two of you make up with no grudges.

Every relationship has its flaws but together with your man, you can make yours flourish. Your bond is strong and based not on fantasies but on love, trust and acceptance. Do make the effort to appreciate the way your husband displays his love in little, everyday ways. So, go right ahead and shower your charming husband with adoration worthy of a prince!

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