Common Causes of Childhood Injuries and their Prevention

4 Common Causes Of Injuries In Your Baby and How To Keep Him Safe!

An injury to your little one is the biggest nightmare any parent can face! Rightly so, because many children get severely affected by accidents at home, sometimes more than infectious diseases or birth defects. Here is a look at the most common causes for childhood injuries, and how you can prevent them.

As children start growing, they come in contact with the outside world, increasing the risk of them getting hurt. Even though parents are very cautious with their surroundings; childhood injuries are very common and can lead to severe consequences. Moreover, children who suffer severe injuries can carry its memory if they get hurt early on, and it might hamper their holistic development.

Common Causes of Injury

1. Burns

Burns can occur in the house due to various reasons, right from an unattended gas stove or the cute looking diya in the puja room, to electric burns and firecrackers. Some parents put their toddler on the kitchen counter while cooking. Beware, as your child might get hurt by touching the hot utensils.

What To Do

Installing smoke alarms in your house may help you to detect uncontrolled fire immediately. Teach your children what to do in case of a fire emergency. Use safe cooking methods and never leave the stove unattended. Make sure the knobs are closed when not in use and recheck before sleeping. In case of a burn, hold affected area under running cool water, or pour it on the affected area.

2. Drowning

This one might be difficult to fathom, however you don’t have to necessarily venture near a pool for a drowning accident. The household bath-tub or bucket may also lead to a drowning accident.

What To Do

You should always accompany your children while they are getting into bathtubs, swimming pools or natural water bodies. Do not let your child be in the bathtub alone. Give your child a proper swimming gear before going to the pool. Do not trust the float with greater depths; make sure your child learns to swim with the help of a trained professional.

3. Falls

Most parents feel happy to see their child fall and get up on her own. Falling is no doubt the way to making your kids independent, but these falls can be dangerous sometimes.

What To Do

Let your child play on a surface which is soft so that the child doesn’t get severely hurt. Prefer to have the playroom carpeted. You could also put a soft mat on the floor and let your child play on it. You need to take extra care if you have stairs in your house or items which your child can bump into. Never leave your baby alone on a bed, changing table or sofa.

4. Poisoning

Just like drowning, poisoning might seem to far-fetched a cause for baby injuries. However, growing babies are forever curious of their surroundings. Once they develop the ability to pick things up, at some of the other point they are going to start putting these things in their mouth. While some can just give your baby an upset tummy, others can lead to poisoning.

What To Do

Medicines should be stored away from the reach of your children, and if possible, keep the cabinet locked. Update your medical kit frequently, and dispose off expired or unused drugs. Syrups should be stored separately, and your child should not have access to such items. Also watch out for common household items that can cause poisoning – like crayons, make-up, household plants, etc.

General Safety Measures

  • Do not keep small decorative items that your child can swallow and choke his throat.
  • Be careful with your furniture, and do not let the toddler sleep on a bunk bed for he can easily get hurt by it.
  • Keep all your cosmetics, body washes and deodorants away from his reach, as he may try to put them in his mouth.
  • Keep mosquito repellents away from the reach of children.
  • Buy toys which are suitable for your child’s age, and from a known and certified manufacturer.
  • Ensure to cover the balcony railing with boards or nets.
  • Use special devices to close the doors properly, otherwise your child’s finger may get trapped in the doors.

They say experience is the greatest teacher, and it is inevitable that there will be some mishaps in the journey of growing up. All you need to take care and ensure is that the bruises become great memories for both of you. Enjoy every moment of your toddler’s growth with the assurance that you have done all that is in your capacity to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant shocks and accidents.

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