20 Best Gender Reveal Party Games Ideas

20 Memorable Game Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

So, you are all excited to find out the gender of your little one, and are also planning to host a bash for the gender reveal? Then, you must plan for some exciting games to make your party a memorable one! If this strikes a chord, you should read this article for some great ideas for games to play at a gender reveal party!

Best Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas

If you wish to be a great host for your guests and want them to have oodles of fun at your party, do check out some of the following game options:

1. Aim the Belly

This adorable game with balloons and animal cutouts is a fun gender reveal game!

How to Play:

  • Glue animal cutouts on a big cardboard.
  • Stick balloons on the bellies of all the animal cutouts.
  • Place one balloon with pink or blue confetti in it, anywhere randomly on the board.
  • Give darts to the guests, and the one who pops out the confetti-filled balloon will reveal the gender and also get a prize!

2. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great idea for an outdoor gender reveal party!

How to Play:

  • Start by dividing the guests into two to three groups.
  • Hand over the first clue to all the teams.
  • Hide clues at various spots that will finally lead to the treasure, which can be a pink or blue cake or anything of your choice that reveals the baby’s gender.

3. The Early Bird Surprise

The guest who arrives first at the party gets to reveal the surprise!

How to Play:

  • Take a big box, fill it with pink or blue balloons, and tie a big bow around it.
  • The first guest to arrive at the party gets to untie the bow after all the guests arrive and reveal the baby’s gender!

4. Hunting the Right Pacifier

This crazy game will entertain your guests; however, it is best for smaller gatherings!

How to Play:

  • Take a big cardboard box and fill it with neutral-coloured pacifiers and just one blue or pink coloured one.
  • Ask the guests to find the coloured pacifier. The one who hunts down the coloured one wins and reveals the gender!

5. Pink or Blue Scratch Card

This exciting and simple game will amuse everyone at the party!

How to Play:

  • Make scratch cards with random colours written on them and just one card with either blue or pink written on it.
  • The guest who has the colour card gets to announce the gender. He/she also receives a special gift!

6. Throw to Know

This interesting throwing game involves eggs and is great for some outdoorsy fun!

How to Play:

  • Hollow the eggshells using syringes and fill all the emptied eggshells with any neutral colour.
  • Fill just one egg with either pink or blue colour.
  • Use some hot glue to seal the egg openings.
  • Spray paint all the eggs with black colour.
  • Place a big canvas and ask guests to throw one egg at a time until the right coloured one is thrown.

7. Blue or Pink

This paper game will be a great idea for a gender reveal party!

How to Play:

  • Have a long passage written on paper in pink- and blue-coloured font. The colour that has the most words denotes the gender of the baby.
  • Make several copies and hand one paper to each guest.
  • The guests are required to count all the words, and the guest who gives the correct number gets to announce the baby’s gender!

8. Guess Who

This is one of the most fun gender-reveal party guessing games that requires guests to contribute, too!

How to Play:

  • Ask guests to get their baby pictures and number them.
  • Stick them on a board (do this only after you get all the pictures).
  • The guest who gets the maximum right answers wins and also gets to announce the baby’s gender!

9. Is It He or She?

This game is a great co-ed gender reveal party game that you can entertain your guests with!

How to Play:

  • Make blue bows and pink ribbon cutouts.
  • Ask the guests to guess the baby’s gender at the entrance and give blue to the guests who guess ‘boy’ and pink to the ones who say ‘girl’.
  • After everyone’s arrival, announce the gender and give a gift to everyone who guessed right!

10. Don’t Say, Boy or Girl?

Imagine the amount of fun you’ll have when you cannot say a few words at a party. Well, this game is all about that!

How to Play:

  • Hand over a pinup to all the guests.
  • No one is allowed to utter the forbidden words such as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ (you can choose any) and the person saying the forbidden words will have to give their pinup to the person whom they are having a conversation with.
  • At the end of the party, the guest with the maximum pinups not only gets a prize but also reveals the baby’s gender!

11. What’s the Price

See how much of a shopper your guests are with this fun game!

How to Play:

  • Arrange a few baby items on the table and ask all the guests to make their estimates on a sheet of paper.
  • The guest with maximum right guesses wins and gets the honour to reveal the baby’s gender!

12. Complete the Rhyme

See how well the guests remember the famous nursery rhymes with this game!

How to Play:

  • Take printouts with just a few words written of some of the famous nursery rhymes.
  • The guest who writes all the nursery rhymes correctly will be the winner.

13. Guess Baby Foods

This game involves food tasting and can be oodles of fun for the guests!

How to Play:

  • Blindfold the guests and ask them to taste various baby food items and guess them correctly.
  • The guests with maximum correct answers will get to tell everyone about the baby’s gender and a gift, too!

14. Blue and Pink Candies

This hilarious counting and guessing game is great for gender-reveal parties!

How to Play:

  • Fill a glass jar with pink and blue coloured candies.
  • Ask the guests to guess the number of each colour of candies. Get them to write it down on a piece of paper.
  • In the end, read out the guesses and the one closest to the right number of blue and pink candies will be the winner!

15. Change the Diaper

It may appear simple, but wait till the blindfold twist makes it more interesting!

How to Play:

  • Blindfold the guests and give each one a doll and a diaper.
  • All they have to do is wrap the diaper correctly.
  • The first one to do it correctly will be the winner!

16. Chug and Win

Serve some weird tasting drink to turn it into a fun game for the guests!

How to Play:

  • Fill bottles or glasses with some weird or strong-flavoured drinks (with wasabi, mustard, etc. as one the ingredients).
  • The idea is to chug the drink in one go. The guest who does that will be the winner!

17. Decorate Your Cookie

Unleash your guests’ creative streak with this fun game!

How to Play:

  • Get some onesie-shaped or any other shaped cookies that go well with the theme of the party.
  • Keep pink and blue coloured frosting pens ready for the guests.
  • Ask the guests to pick a pen and a cookie and decorate it. The guest with the correct guess and best cookie design will win!

18. Decorate a Bib!

This is a fun game to hoard some keepsake for the baby!

How to Play:

  • Get some plain coloured bibs, fabric paints, and paintbrushes.
  • Give one bib to every guest and ask them to decorate with the available supplies.
  • The one who makes the best design will be the winner!

19. Fun With Dough

Let your guests make baby figurines using dough and have some crazy fun!

How to Play:

  • Get pink and blue-coloured playdough and let the guests pick the colour according to their guess.
  • Then, the guests need to make baby figurines with the playdough.
  • The one with the best baby figurine using the right colour gets the prize!

20. Pink Team and Blue Team

For an outdoor party, this game can be a lot of fun!

How to Play:

  • Divide the guests into two equal teams – team blue and team pink.
  • Arrange a tug of war using a thick rope.
  • Whichever team wins, not only gets the prize but also gets to reveal the gender of the baby!

Conduct any of these games to add more fun and excitement to your gender reveal party! These games will surely help in creating some happy memories for you and your baby!

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