15 Best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

15 Cute Easter Pregnancy Announcement to Start a New Life

There are very few things in life that bring more excitement and joy than announcing the start of a new life to your friends and family. When the timing is right, you sometimes get lucky enough to have your pregnancy announcement fall during one of the festive times of the year. None can be more special for this announcement than Easter.

Easter is famously known for being the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Non-Christians also celebrate Easter, but as more of a cultural celebration. It is more of a celebration of the arrival of spring, the season where the earth comes back to life after a cold and dead winter.

Unique Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you are blessed enough to have your pregnancy announcement fall on Easter, there are so many creative and fun ways that you can make this announcement to those you care about. Here are some great pregnancy announcements for you to consider:

1. Our Nest Is Blessed Photo

Create a beautiful photo by placing an egg in a nest, with the words “Our Nest is Blessed” written right next to it. You can consider painting the egg a pastel blue or pink, depending on if you know the gender of your baby and if you are ready to reveal it. If you have chosen not to learn, or if you do not want to share it just yet, you can go for a neutral pastel green or yellow. You can even add a copy of the scan to make it extra special.


2. Egg-Timer Nest Box

Eggs and nests are often associated with Easter, so make good use of this fitting theme with an egg-timer nest box. Fill a cardboard box with some brown craft paper that resembles nest materials and place a timer in the center. You can decorate the box and timer with your unique style.


3. Eggsact Due Date Photo

If you want to make an Easter birth announcement in connection with your pregnancy announcement, you can always use the good old egg to do it. Take a picture of a whole egg and write a message on it, like “Baby.” In another photo, crack the egg open, and place a sheet of paper amongst the eggshells with your baby’s due date on it.


4. Easter-Halloween Egg

Spring babies often result in fall babies, and Halloween is a festival that offers plenty of opportunities to get creative. Paint an egg to look like a carved pumpkin to celebrate Easter and Halloween in your Easter pregnancy reveal.


5. Here We Grow Again

If this is not your first child, this is the perfect line to add to your pregnancy announcement. Decorate your pregnancy announcement with a green wreath and a picture of your scan. The greens are symbolic of the new life that springs into being during the spring, making this the perfect spring pregnancy announcement.


6. Coming Soon Florals

Using flowers is a beautiful way to announce your pregnancy during Easter. Set up a slate or chalkboard and write down your exciting news, adding flowers and a onesie or baby booties to send a strong message.


7. Pregnancy Announcement Egg Hunt

This is a more interactive Easter egg pregnancy announcement. The end game of this egg hunt will be to reveal your big announcement, so prepare a box with an egg, decorations, and your scan or a note that says you’re pregnant!


8. A Little Somebunny

If you want to go a different route from the eggs, add a little bunny. For this, you will need a letterboard, a few pretty greens and blooms, your scan, and a lovely stuffed bunny.


9. Involve the Big Siblings

If you already have children, this is a great way to make them feel included in the excitement. Have your little one dress in their Easter best and hold up the sign announcing that they will welcome a baby sibling.


10. Daffodil Photoshoot

If you want your Easter pregnancy announcement to be simple, elegant, yet symbolic, send out a picture of a beautiful yellow daffodil being placed on your baby bump by your husband. Yellow daffodils have symbolized new beginnings and rebirth since the ancient days, making them a favored flower during Easter.


11. Pregnancy Bump-Egg

Having a photoshoot as a way of announcing your pregnancy is all the more enjoyable when you have your baby bump painted like an Easter egg. You can do it alone or have your husband pose with you.


12. Easter Basket

This is a more traditional and easier DIY way of making your pregnancy announcement. Just fill up a basket with straw, some eggs painted in pastel colors, and your pregnancy announcement. Adding a scan of your baby will be the perfect addition.


13. Easter Pregnancy Cookies

Bake some delicious cookies shaped like Easter eggs and decorate them with pastel colors, tiny feet, and the celebratory words, “We’re eggspecting.”


14. Furry Pregnancy Announcement

Have your fur baby announce your pregnancy for you with cute bunny ears, a basket of eggs, and an Easter-themed sign.


15. Easter Chalkboard

Customize your chalkboard announcement for your Easter pregnancy reveal. You can add a stuffed bunny holding up the scan of your baby for the Easter bunny feel.


No matter how you choose to make, your Easter pregnancy reveal, remember to get creative and add in some personal elements that make it unique to the two of you.

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