How to Deal with Toddler's Diaper Changing Tantrums?

11 Tips to Deal with Your Toddler’s Diaper Changing Tantrums

Diaper changing is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. The task may not be that big a hassle at first, but the real challenge begins when your baby learns to roll or crawl – that is when your kid refuses to stay still and run away from you. Besides, children can sense whether you rush a task or enjoy it, so remember to use affirmative words and humour to make him sense the diaper changing as fun. We present you with a few techniques to help you relax and ease the task of changing your toddler’s diaper.

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How to Make Diaper Changing More Enjoyable?

When your baby becomes an opinionated and on-the-move toddler, a simple routine of diaper change often turns into a tug-of-war between you and the baby. It is because he then starts to resist every little thing that makes him stay still. Turn the routine into a fun task and make your baby enjoy the time with you. Let’s see some of the ways to avoid the toddler resisting diaper changes and keep him happy.

1. Inform Beforehand

You should treat your baby as an individual and give him due attention and space early on. It would be incorrect to just swoop him into your arms and start doing stuff with him, which is when the toddler fights diaper change. You need to build the trust with your baby by keeping him well-informed of what you are going to do. That way, you can avoid the power struggle between you two, and the toddler is more likely to cooperate if he understands your cues and comes on his own.

2. Calm Down and Connect

With the number of diapers you may need to change each day, it’s no surprise that your once pleasant experience might become a routine or even a hassle. When you do it in a rush, the baby picks up on your anxiety. If you do it the simple way, it won’t be any fun for the baby. Thus the baby fights diaper change. Therefore, you should use this time in the best possible manner to connect and bond with your baby. Get on his level and point out that his diaper is wet. He gets an opportunity to notice it himself, be aware of his body and considers your words.

connect with your baby to make the changing process easier

3. Have Some Fun

Diaper changing is a time that you get to spend one-on-one with your baby. You can make the most of it by having some fun here and there. Tickle and play with your baby or blow his tummy. Play games and ask him to point out his body parts or different colours in his surroundings. These sweet nothings can help to engage your little one.

4. Use Distractions

You could pick a few special toys that appeal to your baby and keep it specifically for diaper changing time. Avoid the urge to hand him your phone, keys, or anything that he may unintentionally throw and cause harm. Instead, give him something that lights up or makes a sound. Alternatively, you can give him a diaper or the diaper cream to hold. It will get easier for you to change your baby’s diaper when he is busy playing and investigating his toy.

give your baby a shiny toy to distract him from the changing process

5. Get Silly

Think of something and try to make your baby laugh. You could make funny faces and sounds, or sing a song in a funny voice. Meanwhile, you can lay him down and quickly do the diaper changing.

6. Sing Songs

Because you’re most likely aware of your baby’s choices with respect to his selection of songs, be prepared in advance and start humming the favourite song your child enjoys listening to. This will get him distracted and make them smile as well. He may possibly be even looking forward to diaper changes ahead.

sing songs to your baby while changing him

7. Keep Narrating Your Actions

In a very calm and soothing tone, narrate to your baby what exactly you are doing and do so simultaneously. Babies love it when you make eye contact; they get the positive feel and know that they are valued and respected.

8. Keep the Baby Warm

Babies like to be kept warm, so make it a point to keep the diaper changing work in a warm area of your house. You could opt for warm wipes or maybe blow warm air gently onto the baby’s chest while changing his diapers.

keep the baby warm while changing him

9. Set up a View

If your room set-up permits, you should opt to set up a lovely and sensory view which your baby can witness as you change his diapers. You can put up the changing mat by the window or paint a mural by the wall.

10. Try a Stand-up Diaper

You can try the pull-up diapers once in a while if your baby’s diaper is just wet and not messy. You can let the baby stand to hold you, while you do a quick clean up and pull on the diaper pants.

try stand-up diapers on your baby

11. Talk to Your Baby

A great way to distract and keep your baby involved is to keep talking to him about anything and everything. For example, you can speak to him about fun things he will do after getting his diapers changed. Make the best of the time you have, and have a great conversation with your baby.

A baby passes through different phases as he grows. Try not to stress out about finding it hard to change the diaper of your growing baby. The trick is to keep trying different stuff until you discover the one which works for your child. You must keep in mind that this is a phase and will pass eventually. Soon, your toddler shall stop his extreme behaviour altogether and shall get potty trained. All these hassles and diaper dramas shall be a memory.

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