Baby Safety Month (2023) - 10 Wonderful Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe and Protected

10 Wonderful Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe and Protected

Your little baby, with his soft and beautiful fingers and toes, is the most delicate thing you’ve ever touched! You do everything in your power to keep him safe and healthy – right from following strict dietary habits during breastfeeding to getting him only the best clothes and nursery gear. But what if, despite your best intentions, there are risk factors you’re ignoring right in your home?

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Not any more. With innovative baby products now available in India, you can rest assured that your baby is completely fine. Check out these must-have baby safety products to avoid common accidents and buy you some much-needed peace of mind!

Safety Tips & Products To Keep Your Baby From Harm

1. Baby Proof Your Furniture

When your baby comes home, everything undergoes a change – from your lifestyle and sleeping patterns to your furniture! The infant’s soft hands and feet could be at risk from sharp edges such as those in your center-table, jagged coffee table or even your nightstand.

Recommended Product – Furniture Safety Guard. You can use these multi-purpose guards to pad the edges. What’s more, these tapes are available in transparent material so the look of your furniture is unaffected.

2. Safeguard Him From Abrupt Door Closing

Whether triggered by over-active indoor games or a sudden gust of wind, a banging door can seriously hurt your baby’s fingers and head. This applies to all the doorways in your house, and not just the one leading to the nursery.

Recommended Product – Door Stopper. This can be fitted around the outer edge of a door to keep it from closing completely. Farlin door stoppers come them in cute, animal designs so your child will love them as much as you do!

3. Avoid Falling Off The Bed Accidents

Are you considering moving your baby from the crib to a toddler bed? Children can take some time to get used to an unbounded, spacious sleeping area. In the process, they may tumble over and hurt themselves.

Recommended Product – Safety Bed Rail. Farlin has designed them to perfectly mimic the familiarity of crib railings. This will keep your child tucked up in bed safely as he will perceive his surroundings to be similar to the coziness of his crib.

4. Protect Him From Dangerous Items at Home

While you must have baby-proofed your house and tucked dangerous or important things away in drawers, this does not end your worries. Babies are curious beings and are sure to open drawers to check out what Mamma keeps in there.

Recommended Product – Drawer Safety Locks. Get home a drawer lock that will stop your kids from getting themselves busy when you aren’t around!

5. Cover All Electrical Sockets

cover all electric sockets

Kids have limited understanding of danger at this young age. Despite your warning to not touch electrical sockets, impulse may force them otherwise! An electric current, however mild, can affect your baby’s physical and mental growth, aside from embedding in him a lifelong, deep-seated fear.

Recommended Product – Electric Socket Safety Guard. You can cover all open sockets with them. They are not easily removable by kids but a great source of mental relaxation for you!

6. Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Baby-Safe

Guess what is one of the most attractive areas in the house for your toddler? The kitchen! After all, this is where Mom whips up delicious food they can later fuss about eating! However, the kitchen is also a dangerous area because of the sharp edges around sinks and electronic appliances.

Recommended Product – Multi-purpose Safety Tape. Use safety tape around your kitchen furniture and fittings such as dining tables, counter-tops and sink edges.

7. Don’t Let Earwax Affect His Hearing

Earwax, while important in keeping dirt, dust and harmful particles away from the eardrum, can also become a problem for your baby. It is very common for earwax buildup to block your baby’s ear canal and disrupt his hearing.

Recommended Product – Baby-friendly Ear Cleaner. Choose ear-picks that are soft yet firm and let you clean your baby’s ears without any risk of injury. Try picking an ear-bud that uses environmentally-friendly paper like charcoal; this is also safer for your baby’s sensitive ears.

8. Keep His Knees Protected

If your little one has now started crawling or walking, the world is their oyster! They will leave no part of the house and outdoors unexplored – which is why you need to ensure their knees are safe from bruises and cuts.

Recommended Product – Knee Pads. Make sure you choose soft fabrics like nylon and spandex to let your baby explore his surroundings comfortably.

9. Support Your Baby’s Neck

In their early years, babies have weak necks that can be hurt very easily if not supported. Think about the activity the neck goes through, especially when your baby is in motion on a stroller or car-seat!

Recommended Product – Neck Protector. Get a cute neck cushion to support baby’s neck and keep it from slumping and flopping. You should also use it when your baby first learns to sit on a high chair.

10. Keep Him Close in Crowded Places

As your baby grows up into a toddler, he may wander off on his own in crowded places. You never know what catches a child’s fancy! However, this behaviour can be nightmarish for you, and what’s worse, your child could also end up getting hurt.

Recommended Product – Safety Hand Straps. Go for adjustable hand straps that can be securely tightened in your toddler’s hand.

So, moms, with this kitty of baby safety products to keep your moppet smiling, we are sure the household will be tension-free. Remember – a healthy and safe home means a happy baby!

What safety products do you use at home to keep your baby safe from getting hurt? Do share your experiences and ideas with us in the comments below.

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