This Is What Your Baby Learns From Imitation

This Is What Your Baby Learns From Imitation

In this world, we may have a lot of things to look at and a lot of people to learn from like role models, super heroes, etc. However, for our baby, we are the entire world. Especially before the age of going to school or play group, parents and immediate family are the only people baby knows, sees, observes, and wants to be like.

All babies are natural copycats. You must have observed that as your kid grows up, he wants to copy everything you do. He wants to see everything you see. He wants to speak everything you speak. He wants to go everywhere you go. He also goes to the extent of copying the way his Dad behaves when he is dressing up for office. He will try to comb his hair in a similar fashion and tuck in his shirt in the same way.

Advantages of Imitation

1. Practice What You Preach

Since your baby wants to imitate you, you can teach your baby whatever you like by first doing it yourself. He is observing you throughout the day, picking up on the way you talk and the manners that you display. If you yell at others, your baby will learn to do so too! If you say polite words like please and thank you to strangers, your baby will learn from you and do the same when interacting with strangers.

2. Starts Building Memory By One Year

Your baby actually starts to remember things for a longer period of time once he crosses the age of one year. Whatever you do in front of him gets stored in long term memory. This is why you may find your baby doing or copying something which you have done a month ago.

3. Be Careful Who Your Baby Is Watching

One important thing to note here is that your baby will observe everyone and also imitate everyone he observes. Your baby will not know the difference between right and wrong, so be mindful of the people around your baby.

4. Exposure to TV and Other Media

While your kiddo is learning from you and other people around him, do not forget that TV, i-Pads, laptops and all other kinds of media are also a few means through which your baby can learn things. So, being careful and regulating what your kid is watching right from the day he is exposed to these devices is important.

It is very exciting to see your child grow. As he grows up, you also learn new things about him and come up with unique ways to bring him up. As parents, we all need to be very observant and find unique and creative ways in the process of our child’s upbringing.

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