Why to Use Silver Items (Utensils) for Feeding Babies?

Using Silverware for Babies – Benefits & Types

Silver is one of the most commonly used metals used for cutlery and utensils. It has been around for centuries and is found in almost any middle-class household in India. One of the main reasons people eat from silver is because silver has proven antibacterial properties. It is believed that eating out of the same is healthy and can help prevent disease-causing bacteria from spreading.

While this may or may not be true as science hasn’t been able to prove this, silver is still a great utensil to use owing to it being able to withstand great heat. Gifting a family silverware is a popular tradition in India that has occurred for many centuries.

Why Use Silverware for Babies?

Silverware is a great metal to give babies food in because most importantly, it is safe even when consumed in the body, unlike lead and mercury. Here are a few other reasons why:

1. Silver is Bacteria-Free

Silver has an inherent property that prevents the buildup of bacteria cells in its chemical bonds. This means that bacteria aren’t able to survive and thrive, unlike many other metals. Silverware also doesn’t need to be sterilized unlike plastic and synthetic utensils because of this property. This is one of the main reasons medicines are given to babies in silver bowls or trays.

2. Easy to Maintain

Silverware is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of scrubbing or cleaning. Minimal soap and water is enough to do the job and you also don’t need to sterilize them. It is important to remember not to polish silverware used for babies because it could mix with the chemicals.

3. Non-Toxic

Silver doesn’t cause cancer of any sort unlike plastics and many other metals. It doesn’t cause any problems in the reproductive system or even neurological damage which the former two can. It has some great properties and is safe for kids to use.

4. Boosts Immunity

Since silver can kill germs, this can be good for health in the long term. It is a common belief that some small traces of silver when mixed with baby food, can improve immunity. While this hasn’t been proven, it is still a good idea to feed them with silver as it isn’t poisonous to consume at all.

5. Retains Freshness

Storing food in silverware is always a good idea because it can destroy the viruses, bacteria and germs in the food. In olden times, milk was infused with silver coins to keep it fresher over the longer period. Water and wines were also kept in silverware to help enhance freshness and keep it tasty for more time.

6. The absence of Any BPA

BPA is an additive in plastics that are used to make it more durable. This can sometimes latch onto food items and cause hormonal imbalances in addition to obesity. Other risks also include increased risks of breast cancer, prostate cancer and infertility. Instead of searching for high BPA or “BPA-Free” plastics, you could switch to silver.

7. No Phthalates

Another common ingredient used to make plastics is phthalates and this is known to cause both fertility and immunity issues. This can affect full-grown adults, so imagining the effect it could have on children is a scarier thought. Instead, try using silverware as it is proven to have no additives that can harm anyone from a health perspective.

Types of Silverware Available for Babies

There are many different types of silver items for babies available for babies to serve them food with. These include the likes of:

1. Silver Bowl

One of the best silver utensils for babies is the bowl. It can fit a range of food items, both hot and cold and ensure that it is kept safe. Silver bowls are available in different sizes and they can be used for a very long period of time.

Silver Bowl

2. Silver Plate

Silver plates can be used to serve food along with the silver spoon as an alternative to glass or plastic utensils.

Silver Plate

3. Silver Spoon

Silver spoons are a better option than stainless steel as they will be able to prevent the growth of any bacteria.

Silver Spoon

4. Silver Glassware

Perfect to feed babies with drinks and liquids that can be stored for a long period of time inside them.

Silver Glassware

5. Paladai

Paladaiis a very popular silver bowl found in different Indian households and it is a bowl that is shaped like a conch.


Tips to Use Silverware for Babies

Silver can be used just like any other metal. You can use it in certain ways:

  • Glasses: Silver glasses can be used to store liquids such as juices and drinks like water to babies.
  • Bowls and spoons: Silver bowls and spoons can be used to serve rice and foods like upma, pasta and more
  • Plates: Plates can be used to serve hot chappatis or curries and other liquid food items.
  • Paladas: These smaller silver bowls can be used to serve delicious fruit and vegetable purees like carrots, bananas, peaches, apples and green peas.

How to Clean Silver Vessels?

Silverware can be easily cleaned with the help of just some soap and water. Start by rinsing the silver in warm water and some dishwashing soap. The silver can then be placed in pots lined with aluminium foil which is then mixed with boiling water and some baking soda. This hot solution will help remove any blackness from the silver, deeming it good to go after rinsing.

You could touch the silverware with some polish if you feel like.

Thus, silverware might not have any proven medicinal properties but is still a great option to serve food in, owing to its antibacterial properties. It is also easy to clean and available in different types of utensils, making it perfect to serve food for babies. Silver is also not poisonous to consume as it does not have any effect in the body unlike metals such as mercury and lead.

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