Tips to Deal With Common Postpartum Skin Problems

Top 7 After Delivery Beauty Tips

Once you deliver your baby, your life changes completely. Post-delivery hormonal fluctuations, sleepless nights, change in lifestyle, and little to no rest—all of this leaves you looking far from a million dollars. You may wonder when will you look like your old self. Don’t worry! Here are a few lifestyle changes and some beauty tips to help you look beautiful again.

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7 Post-Pregnancy Tips to Help You Look Beautiful

Pregnancy is a huge milestone. Being a mother, you will spend every waking hour catering to the needs of your little one. While this is great, you also need to realise that giving yourself some tender loving care is of utmost importance as well. Your health and well-being directly impact your baby. Looking beautiful makes you feel confident, and this is something every mother needs. Here are a few postpartum beauty tips that you should incorporate into your regime.

1. Start Your Day on a Positive Note

The way you start your morning can significantly impact how you manage the rest of the day. Make sure you wake up on a positive note. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning, instead of opting for your daily dose of caffeine. Drinking water helps in better metabolism, as opposed to coffee, which is a stimulant that will leave you tired in a few hours.

2. Keep Yourself Clean

You’re probably familiar with dirty diapers, gooey food, and maternity clothes that smell of baby creams and sweat. All of this is a part of motherhood, but make sure you keep yourself clean. Have a shower every day, and clean yourself each time you get dirty. This leaves both your body and mind fresh.

3. Get Some Exercise

Make sure you incorporate a good exercise regime into your lifestyle. You could do yoga or mild aerobic exercises that are specifically meant for mothers post-pregnancy. Exercising improves blood circulation, tones your body, and improves overall health. Working out releases hormones like cortisol and endorphins, that make you feel good.

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4. Scrub Away

Use a good body and face scrub to exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells must be dealt with if you want smooth and soft skin. Get a body scrub that is herbal or fruit-based, as opposed to a chemical-based body scrub. Gently scrub your skin with a loofah in circular motions. While taking care of your skin, it also enhances blood circulation.

5. Eat Healthy Foods

When you eat healthy foods, you look good. It’s as simple as that! Follow a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat foods that are high in fat content, as this can cause breakouts. Eat healthy not just to look good, but to stay fit as well. Motherhood requires you to be strong and physically capable of taking care of your tiny little human. So, eat well!

6. Load Up on Water

Water is a solution to almost all health problems. For its umpteen benefits, water can be easily said as the elixir of life. It keeps you hydrated and helps in moisturising your skin. Drink a good eight to ten glasses of water every day. Water also helps in eliminating toxins from your body. Add a few slices of cucumber or lime into your water if you want to do a detox.

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7. A Spa Day Out

Pamper yourself with a full body massage and a spa treatment – you know that if anyone needs it, it is you! All those sleepless nights, constant back pain, and being on your toes round the clock needs to take a back seat. Book an appointment at the local spa, and take a couple of hours off from your mommy duties. A good spa treatment helps soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Tips to Deal With Common Post-Delivery Skin Problems for Maintaining Your Beauty

Beauty care after delivery is vital, especially if you’re facing skin problems like dull complexion, acne, and dark circles. Here are ways to deal with these issues –

1. Dull Complexion

The pregnancy glow is long gone, leaving behind a dull complexion that makes your skin look lifeless. The first step to getting back your glow is drinking water. This flushes out the toxins in your body. Also, consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins C, D, E, and K. Oranges, tuna, broccoli, almonds, sunflower seeds, and kale are all rich in these vitamins.

2. Under-Eye Swelling

Major causes of under-eye swelling are lack of sleep, stress, and fatigue. Apply cucumber or potato slices on your eye for ten to fifteen minutes, and relax. You can even use chilled tea bags for the same purpose.

3. Dark Circles

Like under-eye swelling, dark circles are caused due to lack of sleep and stress. Apply honey or aloe vera gel over your dark circles to get rid of them. Also, make sure that you get your mandatory eight hours of sleep every day.

4. Acne

Acne after pregnancy is caused due to hormonal changes in your body. Eat a balanced diet and cut down on oily and processed foods. Apply lime juice or tomato juice on the affected area, then wash it with cold water.

5. Pigment Spots

Pigment spots on your skin are caused due to the unhealthy condition of melanocytes in your skin. These spots can be covered with concealer and foundation, but the best way to treat them is to try and get rid of them completely. You can do this by applying the juice of an orange or lime to the area that has a lot of pigment spots. Make a paste of raw potatoes and apply it, as this helps as well. You can consult your doctor and ask for an over-the-counter cream or gel to treat these spots if they get worse.

Taking good care of yourself is the first step to feeling beautiful. Giving your child all the attention is not enough, give yourself some attention as well. Motherhood is an overwhelming period, so cut yourself some slack and give your body all the love and care it truly deserves.

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