28-30 Months Old Toddler Development

Toddler Month 28-30— Growth and Development

Whoa! Your little one is almost 3 years old. Things are changing and quickly! Read on to know all the changes you can look forward to from months 28 to 30.

Physical Development

  • Full of energy, your little one never tires of running around the house, does he? Well, now there’s one thing he will be able to do that he wasn’t able to do before: turn corners while running. Your ever curious child will also learn to turn rotating handles such as doorknobs.
  • Your little monster’s teeth are emerging and how! His top and bottom second molars will finally be there for you to see at the very back of his mouth. Make sure you take good care of his teeth to deal with and prevent decay.
  • At playtime too, your toddler will fill you with pride and wonder as he will be able to stack as many 7 blocks competently. His fine motor skills will continue to improve, so encourage him to play and keep him away from the screen as much as possible.

Social-Emotional Development

  • Your child uses his own name to talk about himself. Don’t worry, this is completely normal as toddlers speak in the third person until they are about 4 years old.
  • Now is when your child will start learning to cope with strong emotions such as frustration and fear. Although some temper tantrums are normal and to be expected, look for these 5 behavioural problems that you shouldn’t ignore.
  • Your tot will cooperate with caregivers during play. You can even encourage learning via play. Take a look at these 5 approaches to learning for toddlers.
  • Your little one will also become quite the show off and why not! With all the new skills he is learning, it is only natural that he will like to show them off to his parents.

Cognitive Development

  • These months will prove how much cognitive development is taking place in your child. He will now be able to recall at least three items in memory games. If you still haven’t gotten round to playing memory games, check out our list. Not only will your child enjoy himself, this will surely aid his cognitive development.

Linguistic Development

  • About time! Your sweet potato will finally start using plurals. He will also ask simple questions like ‘what’s your name?’
  • Activities like reading together, singing songs, pointing game will help grow your child’s vocabulary. Curious about how many words your child should say?

So, what’s in store in the months to come? Lots of learning and lots of fun, we promise!

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