Things You Should Always Talk About With Your Baby

Things You Should Always Talk About With Your Baby

Communication is the most powerful form of expression. The relationship that you share with your baby is beyond words but words are precisely what you use to begin communicating with him. Right from the womb a mother begins to communicate with her baby.

During the initial months or a year your baby will not be able to communicate to you with any verbal form of communication apart from sounds and thereby you may feel that this communication is one sided but a lot of moms discover that much can be said by gestures and actions too. If you notice carefully, your baby will respond to you with his arms and legs, or sometimes by rolling the lips or crying (when you shout). Understanding your baby’s way of communication is also important, as it will make your baby feel comfortable. Remember that your little one is wet cement and will take impressions in accordance to the external influence. Thus, the following tips may help:

1. Tone

Make sure you always keep a pleasant tone while communicating with your baby. May be the initial learning can follow around this rule. Obviously, at times of anger you may change the tone to stop your child from doing wrong.

2. Time

The time that you choose to talk should be well-decided. Imagine you talking to your little one with loud music or the TV on. There’s no point if your baby is colicky and you are trying to communicate, because you’ll just be stuck with a more irritable baby than before.

3. Topics

Choose the right topic always. You can let your little one know about his father, especially if he is away at work. Also, a certain genre of music that defines your cultures or tradition will be great to speak about. ||

So, what do you exactly talk? Here are few examples:

4. Stroll

Let her know that you are about to take him for a stroll around the garden or in the balcony. Being outside will help him experience the environment around.

5. Fairy Tales

Dig out some fairy tale books and narrate the same to your baby. This will help him imagine a different world with people and emotions around.

6. Sing

Singing to your baby is a great form of communication. It helps your child understand rhythm and melody and also is soothing to his ears.

7. Talk about People

Introduce your baby to close family and friends. This will help him understand relationships better and also enhance his memory and develop his emotional side.

8. Values

Talk to your baby about values and manners. Start with things like “thank you” and “sorry” to begin with. The best way to do this is to lead by example. Your baby loves imitating you at this point so use that fact to teach him good lifelong values.

While it’s easy to read to find out how to communicate with your baby, know that each baby is unique with communication and each mother knows her baby best! So just enjoy your time learning to listen and decipher your baby’s way of communicating with your and focus on guiding him slowly and gently every day!

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