The One Habit That Can Be Very Harmful During Pregnancy

The One Habit That Can Be Very Harmful During Pregnancy

If there’s one time in life when women go out of their way to be careful and healthy, it’s when they are pregnant! After all, there’s a little baby growing inside you and he deserves all the care in the world. So, you make sure you eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and not lift heavy weights. But did you know there’s still something dangerous that you’re probably doing every day, without realizing how harmful it could be?

We are referring to the omnipresent mobile phones and tablets – electronic gadgets we feel paralysed without. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a life without your phone, especially now that your friends and relatives will always be checking on you and your baby. But by using your mobile phone and tablet without protection during your pregnancy, you are exposing yourself and the foetus to the alarming effects of radiation…

Is This Radiation Scare Really True?

If you think all this mayhem about radiation damage is untrue, here’s a shocking fact. We’ll admit this took us by surprise as well!

It isn’t the intensity of radiation emitted from a mobile phone that is harmful. You know how your ears feel hot after talking on the phone? That’s just the thermal aspect of radiation and all major providers have standards to keep this in check. But what about the non-thermal aspect of radiation? That’s exactly what we are talking about and it has been shown to cause severe biological damage!

How Your Baby Reacts To Wireless Radiations

The growing foetus has a thin skull and a small, soft brain. This soft brain tissue means radiation can penetrate more easily! Radiation from wireless devices interferes with the electrical impulses that trigger brain development in your baby. This can disrupt the normal course of cognitive development. Radiation has also been linked to nervous system disorders, behavioural disorders such as attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD or ADD), developmental conditions like autism, and even physiological illnesses like asthma.

How You Can Use Your Mobile Safely When Pregnant

Amidst this radiation scare, how then can you stay connected with your loved ones? How can you access essential documents on your I-Pad or work on your laptop? Thankfully, scientific research has hit upon an excellent solution that ensures your exposure to wireless radiation does not harm your little one.

Here’s what you need to do

Protect your wireless electronic devices with a Radiation Protector Chip. A thoroughly lab-tested product like Envirochip is your safest bet – you don’t want to take any chances at this vulnerable time! This chip can be easily fitted on your device. It works by changing the nature of the emitted radiation and nullifying its harmful effects. So, as long as such a chip is attached to your device, you can use it without fear.

Your womb is a safe, comfortable place for your baby to be. But not when wireless radiations threaten to invade it! Research over the years has proven without doubt that unchecked radiations can lead to reproductive damage in your unborn baby. And we aren’t talking just mobiles and tablets but also I-Pads, laptops, Wi-Fi- Routers and any other Wi-Fi-Enabled devices.

Moms-to-be, don’t let anything cause harm to your precious baby. If a little extra effort can ensure your child is safe and growing up well, it’s well worth it, right?

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