Fun Ways to Spend New Years Eve When You Are Expecting

Rolling In The New Year During Pregnancy

Being pregnant during the holiday season can put a dampener on festive celebrations, especially when everyone else is getting ready to usher in the New Year. So given that you can’t partake in all the merrymaking, here’s how to celebrate New Year’s Eve when you are expecting.

When you’re pregnant there are so many things you can’t do and partying the night away is one of them. With a bloated belly, swollen feet and other problems that plague one during pregnancy it’s completely out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you should shut yourself away when the bell tolls to ring in the New Year! These alternative ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve can be as much fun, if not more, than the crazy parties of your college days!

5 Tips to Celebrate New Year’s Eve for Pregnant Women

Ring in the New Year joyfully with these thoughtful Tips for Pregnant Women, ensuring a safe and memorable celebration filled with happiness and anticipation

1. Have a Gathering at Home

Host a party at your home and bring in the New Year with close family and friends, and kick back a glass of orange juice on your cushy rocking chair. You can host a pre-party with your club-going friends early in the night, and then have a quite New Year’s countdown with your partner. If you’ve got friends who like you are expecting or already have kids, you can also host a baby party at home. It’s one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve during pregnancy especially since you all are sailing in the same boat. So let the kids enjoy themselves while you grownups have fun too.

Have a gathering at home

2. Enjoy a Romantic Evening With Hubby

Indulge in a romantic evening with your husband on New Year’s Eve. After all, when the baby arrives, moments like these will be hard to come by. So enjoy every moment as you cuddle up on the sofa watching a classic Black and White movie, or devour a gourmet meal in a fancy restaurant together.

3. Go on a Short Vacation

If you feel up to it and you’ve got your doctor’s permission, there’s nothing like going on a romantic holiday with your significant other to welcome in the New Year. It can be a short weekend holiday vacation in a peaceful location somewhere close by – like a secluded beach or a czy cabin in the woods!

4. Spend Time In Prayer

There’s plenty to be thankful for on New Year’s Eve and plenty more to pray for as the New Year makes its way in. Spending time in prayer allows you to look back on the past year on all the many blessings showered upon you and your family, your journey into motherhood being the biggest blessing of them all. Giving the parties a miss and attending a Church service or any other religious function is a fulfilling way of spending your New Year’s Eve.

Whatever option you choose, play along and create new traditions of celebrating the holidays. Once you enter motherhood, your life will be vastly different from the one you used to lead. So embrace the change and take delight in your new traditions!

5. Spend Your Time Learning Something New 

You can utilise your time by staying in and learning something new. This can be some sort of craft or even a new language! Choose whatever interests you and makes you happy. You can even include your partner or your family in this activity and spend some quality time together. 

As the countdown ends and a new year dawns, may these New Year celebrations during pregnancy mark the beginning of a journey filled with hope, excitement, and boundless joy

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