Pull Out Method - Effectiveness, Benefits & Drawbacks

Withdrawal Method (Coitus Interruptus) of Birth Control

Contraceptives are essential to the modern couple, as the risk of an unplanned pregnancy can not only be risky and possibly difficult to manage, but it can be expensive as well. There are numerous types of contraceptives available in the modern day. The market is full of hormone-based contraceptives that guarantee your partner and you will not get pregnant unless you really want to. There are many couples, however, who do not want to risk an imbalance in hormones. So, how do they manage? Through techniques like the pull out method!

What is the Pull Out Method?

The pull-out method, commonly known as the withdrawal method, is, as the name suggests, a sexual technique in which the man interrupts sexual intercourse and pulls the penis out of out the vagina just before ejaculation, so as to ejaculate outside the woman’s body. This ensures the man’s sperm do not reach the woman’s egg, and the woman does not get pregnant.

How to Use this Method

The pull-out method involves the man pulling out of the woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse, thus, temporarily interrupting the penetration, in order to ejaculate. If done efficiently, this technique lowers the risk of unwanted pregnancies. It is important to remember that the man must pull out fully before ejaculation for this method to be effective, and should ejaculate away from the woman’s body.

How to Make the Withdrawal Method Work Best for You

This technique requires a lot of control and willpower from both the man and woman during sexual intercourse. It also requires the man to have an intimate knowledge of his body. For this method to work effectively for you, it is recommended that you learn more about your the male and female body, and especially about the penis.

One of the most important parts of using the pull out method is recognising the feeling that gets you close to ejaculation. For this purpose, men are recommended to read about the penis in detail as well as regularly practice masturbation. Masturbation allows the man to become comfortable with various sensations he might feel during intercourse. It also helps the man understand the sensation that indicates the upcoming ejaculatory cycle. Understanding this will work as an alarm during sex. If the man knows when he is about to climax, he can pull out fully a few seconds before he does. Understanding the anatomy of the penis and vagina is also considered extremely vital. This will also aid in using a safe and pain-free technique to pull out.

How Effective is this Method?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed contraceptive. Birth control is known to fail 20% of the time and condoms are known to fail 8-15% of the time. To ensure that the pull out method pregnancy rate stays on the lower end, the man must successfully pull out before ejaculation at all costs. This leads to one basic question, does the pull out method work? The answer is yes, provided not a single drop of semen enters the vagina. If even one sperm enters, it can lead to pregnancy. Needless to say, this technique should only be used as a backup as the risk of failure is high. It is recommended that this technique is used in combination with other methods of contraception like condoms, birth control and intra-uterine devices. To ensure the lowest risk of pregnancy, it is recommended that all these methods be used together. It is advised, however, that at least one other method of contraception be used with the pull out method in particular, due to the high-risk factor.

How Effective is this Method?

Benefits of the Pull Out Method

There are numerous benefits of using this technique as a means of contraception. Some of them are:

1. Cost

Due to the lack of equipment required to execute this technique, such as a pill or condom, it works as free contraception.

2. Beliefs

Some cultures and religions believe that condoms and birth control are unethical or immoral. This technique works to appease those who would otherwise have no method of contraception.

3. Lack of Chemicals

Whether it be a condom or a pill, there is an external chemical that your body is exposed to. This method avoids that chemical exposure. Even in natural contraceptives, there is a risk of chemical exposure. This technique is the only non-consumption-based contraceptive.

Disadvantages of the Pull Out Method

Like any contraceptive, this method has a lot of disadvantages. These are:

  • High risk of failure
  • Risk of exposure and spreading of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Does not work for men with premature ejaculation or issues with uncontrollable and unpredictable climaxes

Is the Withdrawal Method Method Right for You?

To understand if this technique is the right method of contraception for you, it is critical to understand the risks that come with it. This technique is recommended as a secondary means of contraception. It is only recommended as a primary contraceptive for those whose belief system does not allow for other contraceptive methods.

Can the Pull Out Method Protect Against STDs?

There are no guarantees that this technique will protect you from STDs. It is recommended that you use a condom during sexual intercourse to lower the risk of any sexually transmitted diseases.

The pull out method is one of the most commonly used contraceptives around the world. This technique, however, is risky and offers less of a guarantee of success. When used as a secondary source of contraceptive, however, this technique drastically reduces the risk of any unwanted pregnancies. When using this technique, if you do not use condoms, it is recommended that you get tested for STDs on a regular basis. Running STD panels ensures that if you are diagnosed with an STD, it is identified early and treated as effectively as possible. It is important to remember that some STDs like herpes and AIDs cannot be cured.

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