Tips for Teaching Your Kids Simple Paper Folding Techniques

Paper Folding And Your Toddler

Toddlers love the rustling sound of paper. Be it newspaper sailboats for floating in puddles during monsoons, colourful fans, or dainty flowers to adorn their rooms, kids love to fold paper! Here’s how you can include this fun activity in your tot’s life.

How to Teach Paper Folding To Toddlers?

Teaching Your Toddler Simple Paper Folding Techniques

Transforming a piece of plain paper into a shape that a toddler can reckon with is an experience that is truly enjoyed by parents and little ones alike. Start with paper folding activities for children, or think of some easy to make origami designs with vibrant color papers. Your paper cutting and folding efforts will attract the attention of your toddler and make it a fun activity!

Paper Folding Art For Toddlers

Paper folding for toddlers is a fascinating and creative craft. Children get a real sense of satisfaction out of making these fun origami models. Additionally, they get to learn how to follow instructions, increase their manual dexterity, and produce decorative end products. For instance, a square sheet of coloured paper can be transformed into almost anything imaginable; that too without the use of scissors or pencils.

Paper Folding Activities For Kids

Children learn fast, but it’s always better to start slow and easy so that the basic concepts pertaining to paper folding are very clear to them. Some paper folding activities would include making easy shapes like a drinking cup, sail boat, pelican, or a lady bug. Once your child masters this art, you can gradually move on to some more complex shapes and designs.

What Is Origami?

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. It’s an art form that involves the creation of paper forms by folding. For a child who has never done origami before, it will take some time before she gets used to the process. Once your little one experiences the joy of origami, she will start experimenting and will learn to make her own folds to create something new.

Educational Benefits Of Origami

Folding paper is an interesting way to help toddlers work on their fine motor skills. Apart from being a fun activity, the educational benefits of paper folding are many. Folding origami helps parents interact with their children, all the while creating something new and interesting. It increases their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills too. This is why origami is taught in schools as part of the curriculum. It makes children more creative, inventive and constructive.

Toddlers have high levels of imagination. Changing a boring, flat piece of paper into a 3 dimensional shape works wonders for their creative instincts. For moms, watching their child’s eyes light up after completing an origami is priceless.

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