Is It Safe to Be on a Low Carb Diet while Pregnant

Low-Carb Diet During Pregnancy – Is It Advisable?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey to motherhood which every woman cherishes throughout her life. While on this journey, you are bound to have a lot of ambiguity and fear in your mind, in which weight gain is also an important concern. As a result, to avoid too much weight gain, you may consider going on a low-carb diet. But is it safe to go on low carb or restricted diet during pregnancy? Read on to know more.

Weight gain during pregnancy is something that every woman dreads. But consuming less food or going on a low-carb pregnancy diet to reduce the pounds that you put on is not the right way. This is because you can’t be sure if the diet you are following is safe for you and your baby. It would, in turn, affect your baby’s weight as you are depriving her of the vital nutrients that she requires for proper development. Know more about what exactly is a low-carb diet and its effects on you and your baby.

What is a Low-Carb Diet?

As the name suggests, a low carb diet limits the consumption of carbohydrates and focuses on the intake of high protein and fat. Following this type of diet may help you in weight loss.

A low-carb diet plan includes protein rich food such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs. It avoids foods like grains, legumes, fruits and starchy vegetables. Some diets may restrict carbohydrates completely for the initial period and increase them gradually.

Low Carb Diets and Pregnancy

A health conscious woman who was on a diet before pregnancy would always have a question in her mind- can you eat low carb while pregnant? A diet without complex carbohydrates is a dIs It Safe to Be on a Low Carb Diet while Pregnantiet deficient in vital nutrients that are required for the proper development of your baby. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, fibre, calcium and the most important- folic acid- which are all vital during pregnancy.

A low-carb diet concentrates on high-protein, whereas a moderate amount of it is sufficient to meet the needs of both you and your baby. A high-protein diet has its own side-effects and may increase the chances of kidney stones as well.

Low carb diets such as Atkins, South Beach and Dunkan diets may help you reduce weight and burn your fats, but it may also increase the level of toxic chemicals in your body. These remain in your body and prove to be harmful to you and your foetus.

How To Maintain Weight During Pregnancy?

  • Eat a well-balanced diet consisting of complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and veggies, proteins and calcium rich foods are sufficient to keep you healthy.
  • Sugar is a form of carbohydrate, but it is not a source of nutrients. Therefore, avoid foods that contain sugar like cakes and cookies.
  • No Image FoundTry to avoid drinks that contain high sugar and fats.
  • Keep yourself away from junk and fatty foods.
  • Consult your doctor and follow the exercise regime that she/he suggests. A well-balanced diet along with proper exercise is sufficient to maintain your weight and keep your baby healthy.

Is It Safe to Be on a Low Carb Diet while Pregnant
If you still feel the need to manage your weight, consult your doctor who may suggest a proper diet and explain you how much weight you can gain depending on your BMI before pregnancy.

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