Stacking Games and Activities for Toddlers

Improving Stacking Skills in an 18 Months Old


Most stacking activities for toddlers may result in more topples than towers. But then, they serve to be essential milestones for the development of 18-months-old kids. So, get home easy-to-play-with cloth or wooden blocks, and watch small hands and nimble fingers stack them up!

Stacking skills in toddlers may come easily to some and in a delayed way to others. These problem solving and visual fine motor skills help toddlers hold a block, balance them on top of the other, and control their placements. Then, they are able to repeat these processes and stack even higher towers. Take a look at why stacking blocks is an important development process for your 18-months-old baby too.

The Toddler Stacking Blocks Development Milestone

1. Stacking can sharpen your child’s STEM skills

Research tells us that stacking activities for toddlers help them imagine if a block goes over, under or sideways to another block. This enhances their observing power in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as they grow up. Encouraging your child to play with blocks enhances logical thinking patterns and makes him a better student later in his life.

2. Helping little hands gain agility

Stacking games for toddlers are a fun way to enhance your child’s agility in handling objects. It also helps strengthen his little hands and muscles. Your child will enjoy experiencing how different objects feel, and how he can fit them together in different shapes and designs. This eventually improves upon his eye-hand coordination, as well as reading abilities. Stacking blocks even assist them in developing motor skills for holding their pencil, buttoning their shirt, or tying laces on their own.

3. Improves creativity

Toddler stacking toys help set off the child’s creativity and imagination. Initially, most children build patterns as they see. Over time, they start building their own patterns and designs in a variety of sizes. Apart from sharpening their imaginative and coordinating skills, these playthings trigger their artistic and creative talents in a big way.

4. Fun way to learn shapes, sizes, and colours

It’s no surprise that stacking skills in an 18-month-old child become essential when it comes to learning shapes, sizes, and colours. Stacking together blocks of the same colour can be a very exciting activity for babies. By using squares and rectangles of different shapes, you may like to introduce the first concepts of geometry to your child too. Blocks are also a tested way of showing them what big and small, tiny and large is.

5. Aids social development

Children playing and stacking blocks in groups boost their social development too. Playing together to achieve a common goal helps the child communicate better, help out their buddies, and also coordinate with them during play. This helps in shaping their social skills and behaviour.

Toddler stacking cups and blocks is a smart way of enhancing your kid’s science and math skills, apart from boosting his creativity and imagination. Playing with your child and his blocks will help him build upon many talents that he’ll need in this competitive world!

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