Dads to Salute this Fathers Day

Heroic Dad, Doting Dad, & 6 Other Types of Dads We All Know!

The world abounds in different types of dads – every one awesome and worthy of celebration! While we are talking about dads to salute this Father’s Day, why not ponder over just what makes each kind of dad, the best kind of dad?

Whether your dad teaches you algebra with a straight face, helps you paint your new bike, or manages to sneak in extra pocket money under mom’s nose – there is some or the other heart-warming and downright adorable quality to every father that deserves a big kiss! This Father’s Day, we are enlisting ‘titles’ you can give your dad.

8 Types of Dads We All Know, and The Life Lessons They Teach Us

We have curated 8 unique titles this year, for you to confer upon your dad this Father’s Day.

1. The Hilarious Dad

Life Lesson: Never take life too seriously!

The Hilarious Dad

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This is the kind of dad who has a joke for every occasion. He could very easily author a ‘One-Liners For Dummies‘ book! If you could relate to this title for your dad, we bet your dad has more than one funny bone in his body. He made you laugh even when you didn’t make it to the badminton team or when you forgot the lyrics to your song on stage. The most important life lesson your dad has seeded you with is that nothing in life is worth losing your sense of humour!

2. The Heroic Dad

Life Lesson: Danger is real, but fear is a choice.

The Heroic Dad

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If your dad has been your biggest pillar of strength, you can confer upon him the title of the ‘Heroic Dad’. He taught you swimming in spite of his foot injury, and kept you warm while he braved the chill on a family mountain trek. Your dad too will do anything to protect you! The biggest thing you can learn from your dad is to take on life’s problems head-on. You cannot lose hope and faith in the face of adversity – rise up to the occasion, and champion it!

3. The Man-Child Dad

Life Lesson: Never lose the inner child in you.

The Man-Child Dad

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We admit – this one might have been a little irritating to grow up with, especially as you hit your teen-years. There might be bit of friction with this kind of dad in your teenage, because no matter what you do, you can’t get him to be serious and ‘grow-up’ for once! But if you only tilt your head a bit, and flip your perspective, you will be eternally grateful to have been blessed with the man-child dad. This is one dad who will always encourage you to be in touch with the child in you. He will teach you that life can get boring as an adult at times, and it is alright to let your hair down and be a child sometimes.

4. The Celebrity Dad

Life Lesson: Make time for the people in your life.

The Celebrity Dad

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This is the dad who seems to be popular among all your friends! All your classmates, and the children in the building, and at your maths tuitions seems to love your dad, and you might have felt a tad bit jealous ‘sharing’ him with all those… those children! However, if there is one thing you can learn from this kind of dad, it is people skills. He also makes time for people in your life, which is a big life lesson. You cannot allow life to get the better of you and rob you of friendships and relationships. Always make time for those who matter and those who care!

5.  The Tool-Box Dad

Life Lesson: When there’s a problem, don’t avoid it – fix it!

We are talking about the kind of dad who can fix just about anything – from a broken pencil sharpener, to a broken bicycle, the tap, the wall-clock, the TV… and every other thing that can ‘break’! He is a very hands-on dad who is always looking for things he can fix around the house. You go to him with a problem, and he has a solution. And what does that teach us? Never allow any problems to become road-blocks. Find them, fix them, and keep rolling!

6. The No-Nonsense Dad

Life Lesson: Keep it real.

The No-Nonsense Dad

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This one is the type who always has a practical, pragmatic approach to everything in life – from a scrapped knee, to a lost tournament, to a failed exam, to divorce. This is the dad who will always smack some sense into your head, especially when you go on a self-pity, or guilty trip. He might not be the first one to pull you out of an abyss, but he will surely be the first one to tell you that you need to do it, and do it by yourself too – which is far more important than simply helping you out. How else are you going to become able?

7. The Doting Dad

Life Lesson: Always count your blessings.

The Doting Dad

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All you might have done is ridden your bike, or got a red star on your homework, or nailed a half-court shot at basketball practice – this kind of dad sees opportunity for celebration in every small and big achievement of yours. You could tell him you had the worst day at work, and he will still manage to find one reason to be proud of you, be happy for you, and make you smile. Every family get-together, you will find him tell everybody how proud he is of you. The doting dad will show you how to keep faith in yourself, even when you seem to not be making any progress. It’s okay to get derailed; as long as you remember who you are, you can always come right back on track.

8. The Goofball Dad

Life Lesson: It’s okay to be a goofball – life is more fun that way!

The Goofball Dad

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Be it his awkward dance moves and one-liners, or the sappy and um, ridiculous nicknames he has for you – this dad will find some or the other way to goof up in front of your folks! Parents-teachers meeting, and daddy will call you out by your sappy and ridiculous nickname in front of the whole class; bring home a date, and your dad will hand you a pepper-spray in front of your date; go out to get groceries, and he will shout across the aisle and ask you what size of sanitary napkins you need! These dads are the grown-up versions of goofballs who are funny without making any effort. They have a child-like innocence to their personalities that is annoying and endearing at the same time!

Your dad loves you unconditionally and no matter how quirky or weird he may get at times, you are the best part of his life. So make sure you do something extra special for him this Father’s Day – buy him a nice Father’s Day gift, take him out to dinner, and spend some quality time together.

Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comments below – which type of dad is your dad?

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