Eating Chyawanprash during Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Eating Chyawanprash during Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

Chyawanprash is a delicious and nutritious jam that is widely consumed in India. Due to its high nutritional content, Chyawanprash is said to be very good for the health. It contains sesame oil, ghee, honey, sugar, amla, and a few other herbs and contains very high amounts of Vitamin C. Due to its many health benefits, it is a good supplement to take no matter your age. It has a sweet and sour taste and is relished by all, but if you are pregnant and want to eat it, then first, find out if you can eat it during pregnancy or not.

Can You Eat Chyawanprash While Pregnant?

Many Ayurvedic practitioners believe that Chyawanprash can be taken in pregnancy as it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Not only it provides a pregnant woman with necessary nutrients, it also provides the nutrients for the growing baby. Pregnant women can consume chyawanprash during pregnancy, however, it is safe to consult a doctor first before taking it. You should also consult about other supplements that you plan to take during pregnancy to be on the safe side. If your doctor gives a go ahead, you can consume chyawanprash or any other supplement. Ask for the dosage and then you can take it without fear.

Nutritional Facts of Chyawanprash

Here are some nutritional facts of Chyawanprash. The information below is for 10 grams of Chyawanprash:

Nutrient Quantity
Fat 750 mg
Saturated Fats 300 mg
Calories 35
Calories from fats 7
Sodium 5 mg
Carbohydrates 7.5 grams
Sugar 3.5 to 5.5 grams
Fibre 500 mg
Vitamin C 2.1 to 3.4 mg
Protein 150 mg
Alkaloids 80 mg
Flavonoids 20 mg
Saponins 5.24 grams
Piperine 4.2 mg
Phenolic Compound 535 mg
Antioxidants 280 mg


Advantages of Eating Chyawanprash for Pregnant Ladies

During pregnancy, you get a lot of weird cravings. Sometimes you will crave for sweet and other times sour, but what if you crave for both? Well, chyawanprash can meet your sweet and sour cravings at the same time. However, that alone is not the reason to eat it. Chyawanprash offers various benefits to pregnant ladies. Some of the benefits of eating chyawanprash during pregnancy are mentioned below:

1. Helps Treat Anaemia

Eating chyawanprash during pregnancy can increase the level of haemoglobin in the body, making it beneficial for those suffering from Anaemia. Pregnant women are prone to this problem, which is why they should consume chyawanprash. Chyawanprash helps prevent anaemia and also increases the production of blood in the body.

2. Helps Meet the Requirements of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential during pregnancy as it helps maintain iron levels in the body and strengthens the bones of the foetus. As it is an excellent antioxidant, it also helps prevent the tissues and cells from any kind of damage. Consuming chyawanprash during pregnancy can also benefit the baby in the womb. It will help in the growth of the bones, tendons, cartilage, and skin. Pregnant ladies should opt for natural sources of Vitamin C. If you are pregnant, consume chyawanprash and other foods rich in Vitamin C and avoid taking supplements unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Helps Slow Down the Ageing Process

As most of the nutrients in your body focus on meeting the requirements of the growing baby in your womb, your nutritional requirements may not be met and you may feel that you are ageing faster. However, eating chyawanprash can help. The herbs in chyawanprash are a rich source of antioxidants. It helps delay ageing of the cells and makes one feel rejuvenated.

4. Strengthens the Immune System

Eating chyawanprash also helps boost the production of white blood cells, and its high content of Vitamin C helps strengthen the immunity system, which is of paramount importance during pregnancy.

5. Strengthens the Hair

Hair loss is a common problem post pregnancy. After giving birth, you might notice a hair fall problem. To combat this hair fall problem, you can eat chyawanprash. Amla is one of the main ingredients in Chyawanprash, which is extremely good for hair. So, consume it and solve your hair woes.

The ingredients of chyawanprash

When Should Pregnant Women Avoid Eating Chyawanprash?

There are many benefits of eating Chyawanprash during pregnancy, but in certain cases, it should be avoided. As Chyawanprash has a lot of sugar in it, so it should be avoided if you have diabetes. Do not take it if you have diarrhoea as it may make the situation worse. Chyawanprash should also not be consumed if you are prone to having problems with digestion or abdominal bloating.

Consuming chyawanprash during summer may also cause burning sensations. If you experience this, drink a glass of milk. And if this persists, stop taking chyawanprash and consult your doctor.

How to Consume Chyawanprash during Pregnancy

It is best to consume two to three grams, that is, half or a quarter teaspoon of chyawanprash during pregnancy. Avoid taking it during summer and ensure that the type of chyawanprash that you are taking is of good quality and is pure. It should contain the ingredients that have been used in Ayurveda for all these centuries. Chyawanprash should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning followed by a glass of warm water.


Here are some frequently asked questions about taking Chyawanprash during pregnancy:

1. Which Type of Chyawanprash is Good during Pregnancy?

The best type of Chyawanprash to take during pregnancy is the one that is pure. It should not contain any bhasma, mineral, or ingredients like Makardhwaj. You should always look at the ingredients before purchasing the supplement and opt for the normal Chyawanprash rather than any of the special mixtures that are now available.

2. When Should I Start Taking Chyawanprash during Pregnancy?

You can take the simple and original mixture of Chyawanprash during your entire phase of pregnancy. There are no strict rules regarding the time when it should be started during pregnancy. However, it is best that you consult your doctor before including it in your diet.

While some people suggest taking Chyawanprash with goats or cow’s milk, it is always best to take it with a glass of plain warm water as this will cause the least amount of side effects. Always remember that you should consult your doctor before taking anything, even something that is as beneficial as Chyawanprash during pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to let you know if you really need the supplements or not. Rather than taking anything additional, it is always best to keep yourself healthy by consuming a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and sleep.

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