Things You'll Relate To If Your Husband Helps You With Housework

Does Your Husband Help You With Housework? You’ll TOTALLY Relate To These 8 Things!

Now, before we begin, let’s make this clear – every husband needs to help with household duties because he shares the home with his wife! But these situations are about those blessed few of us whose husbands actually LIKE housework!

Housework is inevitable. You live in your house, it is going to get untidy or unclean and someone has to clean it. If you have kids then you’ll have to clean way more often. While cleaning up isn’t the only thing one needs to do in a house, it is one of the things that is unavoidable. Other chores include cooking, washing dishes, laundry, changing diapers, to only name a few. While there are some superwomen who actually manage to balance out all of the above on their own, some are lucky to also have husbands who love helping them out.

Here are 8 things you will totally relate to if you are one of these women whose husbands love to help you with housework.

1. Grocery Shopping Is One Big Adventure!

Shopping with your man means that he will use his strength to wheel those grocery-filled trolleys and heavy baskets for you with ease. That way you don’t have to skip the 5 kg rice and 4 kg atta packets you would otherwise have to skip. He will also most likely pick out good sabzi and fruits for you while you wander off to look at some cosmetics and beauty products.

2. More House Parties and Hosting

If you have a hubby who really loves to help around the house, you know that house parties are both fun and relaxing. After all, you aren’t the only one rushing to get entrees or tending to the bar by yourself. Also, post-party cleaning is taken care off. After that exhausting evening, all you want to do is sleep while your husband dearest gets the place back to its original form. He is amazing, isn’t he?

3. Your House Always Looks Spic and Span!

People are always wondering how your house is always neat and tidy and will most probably compliment you for it. It is only fair that you give half the credit to your doting husband without whom most of it would fall apart. It takes two to tango and you are one lucky woman to have him around.

4. You’re Never Left Hungry

He may not be the best cook but he doesn’t mind filling in for a few nights when you’re back late from work or if it’s “that time of the month”. Even if it’s just Maggi or a sandwich, at least you aren’t sleeping hungry, no?

5. You Can Have Those Girl’s Nights Out

You know your house won’t fall apart when you leave for a few hours because your husband has got your back. Whether it is taking care of the kids or the dog, cleaning up that untidy living room or just being home to attend to the electrician, you husband will manage. You can go let your hair down with your buddies every once in a while. When you get back home, you can give him extra kisses for being such a great sport!

6. Having Kids Doesn’t Scare You

If you already have kids then you know he is sharing the responsibilities with you, and life is not that stressful. If you are planning, then you are reassured that parenting with your husband will be simpler because he will do as much as he can to make your pregnancy comfortable. He will also share duties like nappy cleaning once the baby arrives, amongst other things.

7. Lesser Fights

Most men can be considered messy as per a woman’s standards. And having a messy person living with you can build frustration day after day, leading to terrible fights. Socks lying around, wet towels on the bed, hairy razors in the bathroom, are you cringing yet? Probably not! Because your husband picks up after himself and is conscious of keeping the house tidy just like you are.

8. More Time

Sharing housework means that you both have more free time to spend with each other. Use that time to pamper your man and tell him how lucky you consider yourself just to have someone like him to cherish forever!

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