How to Make Motorcycle Diaper Cake for Baby Shower

DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake For a Baby Shower

The news of a friend or family member being pregnant is of great joy for everyone. The forthcoming baby’s arrival is celebrated with a baby shower. If you are excited about a baby shower but confused about what to gift to the expecting parent, we have a which is a thoughtful and useful idea for you – a Motorcycle Diaper Cake!

A motorcycle diaper cake is perfect for expecting parents who are going to be blessed with a baby boy; it can be gifted to parents being blessed with a baby girl, too. The unique motorcycle design makes for an exclusive gift, and the diapers are useful for new parents once the baby arrives. Read on to know how you can make one.

How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Follow these steps to make an easy diaper motorcycle cake:

1. Get the Motorcycle Diaper Cake Supplies

The first step to make a motorcycle diaper cake is to collect all the supplies needed to make it. You can take supplies of your choice too. Just remember to colour coordinate them with the theme of the baby shower or the gender of the baby. Here are the supplies needed for a motorcycle diaper cake:

  • Diaper Pack (any brand) of 72 diapers – size 1 or 2
  • 8-inch cake pan- 1
  • Empty paper towel tube- 1
  • Receiving blankets – 2
  • Bibs – 2
  • Baby bottle – 1
  • Rubber bands
  • Decorative bows or decorative ribbon
  • Baby mitten or socks – 1 pair
  • Wide ribbon (1.5-inch width)- 2 yards
  • Ribbon (0.5-inch width)- 2 yards (optional)
  • Stuffed toy animal (optional)
  • Chain link toy (optional)
  • Tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Safety pins

2. Make Diaper Wheels For Motorcycle Diaper Cake

As the DIY motorcycle diaper cake supplies are assembled, it’s time to make the diaper wheels. Follow these steps to make the diaper wheels for the motorcycle diaper cake.

  • Take the cake pan and place it on the table.  Now take out 24 diapers from the diaper packet.
  • Place the diapers in the cake pan one by one by fanning them in an upright position against the edge of the cake pan. The diapers have to make a spiral in the cake pan, so adjust the edges of the diapers accordingly to create a spiral which is evenly spaced. You can also place the empty paper towel tube in the centre of the cake pan, in the core of the diaper spiral as a place holder to make an evenly spaced spiral. Take a rubber band and secure the diaper spiral with it.
  • Remove the empty paper towel tube and the cake pan to make another diaper wheel.
  • Another way to make the wheels is to take one diaper, roll it up on the empty paper towel tube and add another diaper to its edge on the outside. Add more diapers rolls one at a time in a circular fashion till a diaper spiral is created. Secure the diaper spiral with the help of a rubber band. Remove the empty paper towel tube.
Make Diaper Wheels For Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Source: Pinterest

3. Tie the Diaper Wheels Together

Once the DIY motorcycle diaper cake wheels are made, it is time to tie them together. Follow the below steps to tie the wheels.

  • Now, take the diaper wheels and decorate them with a wide ribbon to cover up the rubber band used to hold the diapers. You can secure the ribbon ends with glue or with a safety pin. Make sure the safety pin is hidden in the inside edge of the ribbon and not visible on the top. If you are using glue, just use a bit of glue on one ribbon edge and place the other edge over it to cover it without spoiling the diapers.
  • To decorate the diaper wheels a little more, add the other thin ribbon over the wide ribbon. It will create a layered ribbon effect.
  • Now, take a receiving blanket and roll it diagonally. This roll will be used to connect all the diaper wheels. Secure the two edges of the tube with rubber bands.
  • Thread the blanket role such that the diaper wheels are held together like the wheels of a motorbike.
  • Tie both the ends of the tube together with a rubber band or safety pin to secure the diaper wheels.
  • Make sure to hide the joined ends of the tube inside the diapers.
Tie The Diaper Wheels Together

Source: Pinterest

4. Make the Motorcycle Seat

When the DIY motorcycle diaper cake wheels ready and assembled, it is time to make the motorcycle seat. Follow the below steps to make the motorcycle seat.

  • Take a single diaper and roll it. Roll four more diapers one by one to make a roll. Now secure the diaper roll with a rubber band.
  • To cover the rubber band, tie a ribbon over it. Secure the ribbon with some glue.
  • Place the diaper roll in the space between the two diaper wheels. The ribbon on the diaper roll should be oriented vertically so that it makes the seat of the diaper motorcycle.
  • Now, take one bib and place it over the diaper roll motorcycle seat as the seat cover.
Make The Motorcycle Seat

Source: Pinterest

5. Make the Handlebars

Now, it is time to make the motorcycle handlebars. Follow the steps given below to make the motorcycle handlebars.

  • To make the front fender, take a bib and place it on the front diaper wheel.
  • Take the baby feeding bottle and place this bottle on top of the bib with its cap or nipple facing towards the rear diaper wheel. This will make the headlight of the diaper motorcycle.
  • Now take the second receiving blanket to make the front handle.
  • Fold and roll the receiving blanket diagonally, from one corner.
  • Secure both the ends of the roll made from the receiving blanket with rubber bands to keep them from unrolling.
  • Now you need to thread this roll through the centre hole of the front diaper wheel. Make sure you have equal length on both sides of the diaper wheel.
  • Pull both the ends of the receiving blanket roll upward towards the feeding bottle. Secure it over the top of the feeding bottle with a rubber band.
  • The receiving blanket tube ends should be at 45 degrees angle to look like the handlebar of the motorcycle.
  • Cover the visible rubber bands with the help of decorative ribbon, ready-made bows or make bows out of the decorative ribbon.
  • To make the handgrips of the handlebar, take the pair of mittens or socks, and cover each end of the receiving blanket tube with one mitten or sock.
  • Your diaper motorcycle is ready.
Make The Handlebars

Source: Pinterest

Make The Handlebars1

Source: Pinterest

6. Give the Final Touch

Now it’s time to give the final touches to complete your DIY motorcycle diaper cake.  Follow the below finishing touches to complete your motorcycle diaper cake.

  • Take the stuffed toy animal and place it on top of the seat of the diaper motorcycle to make the motorcycle rider.
  • To secure the hands of the stuffed animal to the motorcycle handlebars, use double-sided tape.
  • Hang the chain-link toy as a key chain on the handlebar. Secure it with double-sided tape.
  • Your DIY motorcycle diaper cake is ready to be gifted.
Give The Final Touch

Source: Pinterest

Give The Final Touch1

Source: Pinterest

Diaper cakes, especially in motorcycle design, are perfect to be gifted to expecting parents for the baby shower. They are made with diapers and other baby essentials, such as receiving blankets, bibs and feeding bottle, which are also useful for the parents once the baby is born. The expecting parents are sure to be surprised by this motorcycle diaper cake for their baby shower!

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