Can You Imagine a World Without Trees? Save Trees and Save Earth

Can You Imagine a World Without Trees? Save Trees and Save Earth

A world without trees will look like hell. A world without trees is not possible! Trees are the most important prerequisite for creation as well as the continuation of life. Trees, like God, always give the world everything they have. Each part of trees—from the leaves to roots is life-giving to man and all life-forms. If we call them the visible form of the invisible God, it won’t be an exaggeration.

Trees are the source of life. They are the giving angels. They give man oxygen, rains, wood, fruit. They make the world look so beautiful, yet the sinister man kills them! Who will be more inhumane than man himself? Cutting of forests ultimately endangers man’s own existence.

They produce all the oxygen of the world that human beings and animals inhale and need to live. Trees provide shelter to millions of species of plants and animals. They are the nursery and womb of creation of life. They are important to the environment, as they recycle water and regulate levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through photosynthesis. They are the world’s heavy-duty regulators of air and water. Their cutting will disturb the natural water cycles, which will lead to a shortage of fresh-water in the water reserves of the world.

However, the present condition of trees and forests in the world, especially developing countries, is pathetic and miserable. They are being felled with foolish recklessness.

Trees are indispensable for evolution and the smooth running of all the life forms on the planet. They are indeed the power-house of evolution. We must not let anyone fell a tree. Each one of us must plant at least one tree each, and ensure they grow into full trees. It will be the most positive and constructive step towards environment conservation.

Save Trees! Save the World!

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