When Will My Baby Start Walking?

When Will My Baby Start Walking?

Like most mothers, I also thought that all babies are the same. Their sleeping, eating, pooping, and playing habits are the same. But I was wrong. I am a fulltime housewife, which makes it easier for me to keep a watch on my baby all the time. As I started observing my baby’s activities, I realised that day to day developmental growth of each baby is different. Their growth and development may seem similar, but it is different.

All babies are different. Their choices or the activities they like to do – everything is different. For example, I have a baby boy; we celebrated his 1st birthday a month ago, but still, he is not walking. Being a mother, I was tensed, and I feel it is normal for me to be paranoid because the babies of his age have already started walking.

I started noticing his activities and I realised that although my boy is not walking, he’s trying and doing the activities which other babies were also trying. According to his mood and confidence level, he tries to walk, but the moment I appreciate him, he sits down. I know my forcing and appreciation won’t do much. He will do what he likes to do and when he wants.

There are doctors out there who tell us what we can do. Then there are grannies and the nannies who have ample knowledge of raising children. They also give you information and advice until you feel suffocated and tensed. And you start feeling that there is some problem with your baby. But one should avoid all this advice because every baby is different. If your baby is not performing one activity, then he might do something else. He might prove a tough competition at something else.

I have understood that sooner or later my baby will walk. When he is ready and confident, he will walk. Every child takes his own time to do different activities and we cannot push him for doing a certain activity just because some other child is doing it. At this early stage of parenting, unknowingly we start comparing our children with someone else’s children which only hinders their natural growth. So, let your children learn and do things in their own way and at their own pace. All babies seem the same but are different, so let them be.

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