Overcoming From Depression and Other Blues of Busy Life Styles

Overcoming From Depression and Other Blues of Busy Life Styles

On the face of the universe, becoming a mother is a great blessing from God. No bliss compares to that of motherhood. The most valuable chapter in a woman’s life is becoming a mother. However, balancing child and career can be difficult, especially for working mothers. Due to work, the guilt of not being able to be with the child and cherishing developing moments might lead to “Depression.”

The initial years of upbringing are crucial for “The Mother and The Child”. This period has an indelible mark on a child’s mental health, conduct, and ability to cope with adversity. And the mother may feel guilty for not being able to be with her child all of the time during his formative years when he needs her the most.

We mothers should be allowed to enjoy and feel the joy of raising our children. I’m going to share with you some of my tried and true strategies that you might find helpful.
1. Importance of “Me Time”
Is she genuinely in need of some “me time”? Yes! Take some time for yourself in the morning or at any other moment of the day. I would recommend devoting ten minutes in the morning to recharge your battery. Take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself by breathing in the goodness of nature.
2. Happiness Is Everything
Only when one has something can one give it to someone else. Only a happy person can make someone else happy. As a result, to make your child happy, you must be able to experience the joy of being with him. This is the pursuit of perfection, which prevents us from experiencing the joy of doing things. You don’t have to be flawless all of the time; all you have to do is enjoy the moment with your child and family.

3. Returning to Your Spiritual Roots
It was common practice in ancient times to meditate by chanting mantras. These are tried and true methods for calming the mind. Anger and doubt make it difficult to see clearly. Conflict does not occur outside of ourselves; it occurs within us. As a result, being able to relax and feel peaceful is critical. Conscious breathing can also help you control your thoughts.

4. Have a Good Time With Your Family
It would be best if you were inspired to improve your well-being. Having quality family time will surely assist anyone in overcoming depressive thoughts. Plan a vacation with your family once a year to refresh yourself. Spending time in nature can be therapeutic for your overworked mind. To improve your spirits, go for a barefoot walk on green grass or a short walk in the woods.

I hope that these suggestions will assist you in overcoming depressive thoughts and resuming a joyful attitude in your busy life. Come and join us in making this earth a happier place to live.

Thank you very much!
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